US Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineering Whistleblower On Geoengineering, Weather Modification And CHEMTRAILS (Video)


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how to buy Lyrica onlineChemtrails: The List of Patents For Stratosperic Arial Spraying Programs! YouTube Added: Jan 21, 2014

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Blowing the whistle on geoengineering and weather modification programs with 9 Year Veteran USAF Bioenvironmental Engineering Kristen Meghan.

YouTube Added: Feb 9, 2014

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The New World Order Poisoning Your Rain Water:

The rain water was tested by government labs:

Aluminum (780 times over the save level.)

Arsenic (593 times over the save level.)

Manganese (4000 times over the save level.)

Barium (300 times over the save level.)

Zinc (8000 times over the save level.)

Iron (2000 times over the save level.)

Boron (4000 times over the save level.)

German Scientist Exposes Chemtrails As Military Operations

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  1. This crisis is a fallout or symptom of human beings outsourcing their lives to leaders and trusting that they will always have the public’s best interest at heart. The root of the problem lies in the superstition of basing the physical security of your life upon emotional believing. The act of believing clouds the mind from paying attention and taking seriously FACTS! Beliefs are purely emotions arising out of fear. If we don’t want to face any ugly truth we simply believe whatever we want to be true. Then there are those who can exploit people’s fear of the truth. So here we are today in this gigantic global mess. We are distracted by the thousands of rotten leaves on this global tree of lethal problems. We ignore the root, which is our Emotional Mind. Until we face our Emotional Mind with honesty, external problems will continue to hang over our lives with a dark doom. Free the mind and then we can clear up physical problems. But we want to attack the physical problem first. Life does not work that way. What made all of these poisons — THE HUMAN MIND (which is the WMD). There needs to be a psychological awakening, but most people will object to that approach, which is the only lasting solution. We are emotional robots clinging to our fearful beliefs, which blinds the mind to facing facts. We only have one planet and when it is destroyed even the so-called rich will die as well. These powerful thugs are self-destructive. The military around the world are destroying the world while claiming to be protecting the people. They work for the powerful elite rich families. Make no mistake about it. As a human being we need to rise up and face our superstitious mind and die to that way of thinking or else the bullies in this world shall annihilate us. If you think that you can close your eyes and pretend like this is not a real problem, then the facts will win out n the end. Believe whatever you like but The Truth will have the final say. Beliefs are imaginary and they oppose reality, which is insane. Whenever you deny reality you are giving your permission to the bullies to do what they are doing. These sprayers of poison pretend to care about their families but all of these environmental poisons are also destroying their health as well as their family’s health. Fear is our greatest threat because fear tells people to destroy the world so that they won’t personally get into trouble. But once the world is destroyed we will all be in trouble won’t we? So stop using fear as a convenient excuse to destroy the world. Fear is your emotional mind. You can end fear by facing it. But we run and hide and do ugly things to ourselves and the world to avoid facing ourselves, which is fear. Wake up and stand up and take responsibility for your life. Don’t be led by me or anyone. See the facts for yourself. We don’t need leaders or authorities to tell us how to face fear within ourselves. When you face fear you do the right thing. But when you run from fear you hurt yourself and the world. Until we face the fear of our emotions, we will be held hostage by tyrannical people. Human beings fear their emotions and that is why we have made the world like this. Fear is the ultimate dictator. Are you a victim of your fear? Or are you learning and understanding it. All of these horrible things that are being done in the world is for one reason — and that is to evoke fear in YOU. The real question is how do you face fear? If you run or try to escape, which is what the bullies want you to do, then you can be destroyed or experimented upon. Challenge yourself to face fear and not move away from it (you are the fear so wherever you run fear is still with you). But if you realize that YOU ARE YOUR FEAR, then you stop panicking and then you are finally free from external manipulations from others. Peace begins within you but it can’t begin until you face emotional fear within. Belief is a trick to run away from fear. Belief cloaks your fear, but deep down the fear remains. Belief is the traditional collective past of Human Consciousness. As long as we bow down to it and let it govern our lives history will continue to repeat genocide after genocide. But this is the worst genocide because our species is threatening ALL SPECIES ON EARTH. Humanity is the most destructive species of this planet. No other species has ever upset the balance of Nature like the Humans. Therefore, the Human species is a disease or virus to this very planet. Humanity is anti-biological or is anti-matter. We go against universal natural laws, which makes us monsters. All of this comes from one source — our ego. Ego is a byproduct of self-fragmentation. If you want to learn about your ego and go beyond it, naturally (without being violent), then check out either my website or go to and look up Jiddu Krishnamurti. He is not a leader nor am I. We just point while you investigate and test out what we pointed out. You are the light unto yourself. You don’t need to be led. Thank you.


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