Peter Schiff Exposing The Jon Stewart Daily Show Deception (Video)


YouTube Added: Feb 5, 2014


The Jon Stewart sheeple are still getting their ‘Daily” news from a comedian that makes millions ($80,000,000.00) net worth) from distorting the truth. Peter Schiff exposes the deceptive practices of Jon Stewart. Stewart’s ill gotten gains, come directly from viewers supporting his show that may not be aware of how his show is manipulated for ratings only, at the expense of the truth.

3 thoughts on “Peter Schiff Exposing The Jon Stewart Daily Show Deception (Video)”

  1. It is pathetic. I don’t watch that show, it is beyond absurd. I am sickened by how many fool Americans think he tells the real news……….. good propaganda has many levels.

  2. Well saying “a man is worth what a man is worth” says a lot about Schiff also. Watch him on the daily show before seeing this. Might put things into perspective a bit.


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