Japan Government To Dump Fukushima Plant Groundwater Into Pacific Ocean Once Plan Approved

Kyodo: Gov’t to dump Fukushima plant groundwater into Pacific Ocean once plan approved — Senior Scientist: No one believes claims by gov’t labs or Tepco about releases, “there’s a shattered trust there” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Feb 3, 2014):

Ken Buesseler, Senoir Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Oct 24, 2013 (at 49:30 in): Ultimately you can’t keep putting contaminated waste in tanks, you’re going to have to decontaminate and release some of that water. There’s a finite amount of real estate. That’s going to take an assessment of what’s left in the tank, how much can you release, what are the consequences. No one’s going to believe Tepco, there’s a shattered trust there. No one’s going to believe government labs… I’m even more confused…  some of the statements that come out from Abe […] the situations under control? Every week… they’re not able to control… leakage to the ocean and groundwater of some of these isotopes of concern, now particularly high in strontium-90.

Kyodo News, Feb. 3, 2014: Gov’t seeks approval for dumping Fukushima plant groundwater into sea — The government on Monday sought approval of a nationwide fisheries federation to dump groundwater at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex into the sea on condition that the water’s contamination level is far below the legal limit. […] The measure is intended to prevent toxic water from continuing to accumulate […]  officials proposed a more stringent maximum contamination level for judging the safety of water for release, compared with the legal limit. They also said the radiation level of groundwater will be checked each time before releasing it into the sea and that the operator will stop pumping out groundwater if its contamination level exceeds the limit. […]

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Watch Buesseler’s presentation at MIT here

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  1. They are already doing it, have been doing so for nearly three years. This is depraved indifference to the survival of animal and human life. If there were any decency left in this world, the Japanese monsters would be facing the world court for causing the possible end of all of us.
    People in power are so corrupt, they won’t even fight when their own survival is at stake. Perhaps mankind is indeed an aberration of nature, and ought to be extinct. Any other species would never be so stupid.


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