Even More Damage Discovered At Fukushima Reactor No. 1 – Tons Of Water Draining From Unknown Cracks And Holes

NHK: More damage being discovered in Fukushima Reactor No. 1 — “Destruction” at containment vessel — Concerned about tons of water draining from unknown cracks and holes (VIDEO) (ENENews, Jan 31, 2014):

NHK, Jan. 31, 2014: TEPCO to look for more leaks at Fukushima reactor — The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is slowly finding out more about the damage at one of the reactor containment vessels. The destruction was caused by 2011 accident. […] The engineers are investigating leaks in a number of places in the containment vessel that houses the core at the No.1 reactor [and] estimate that up to 3.3 tons of water per hour is leaking from the 2 leaks. The operator is pouring 4.5 tons of cooling water an hour into the reactor. This means more than one ton of water may be leaking from unknown holes or cracks, as the water does not stay in the containment vessel.

NHK Newsline, Jan. 31, 2014: [Tepco is] discovering more damage at the reactor containment vessel. It says it’s going to take steps to avoid further contamination in  the area […] The engineers have also learned that more than one ton of water [per hour] is leaking form elsewhere. They plan to send in a robot again to search for other possible problems. They say they will expand their search to include the suppression chamber linked to the containment vessel. […]

Watch the broadcast here

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2 thoughts on “Even More Damage Discovered At Fukushima Reactor No. 1 – Tons Of Water Draining From Unknown Cracks And Holes”

  1. It is likely much worse. It has been nearly three years.
    The west coast of north America is getting it as badly as Fukushima………so US media says nothing.
    Don’t they care the most populated state in the Union is dying? I have never seen such insanity.

  2. When in hell are they going to take out the fuel rods, this is getting ridiculous! Boycott Nuclear Power, the poison of humanity!


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