Stony Brook Univ. Scientist: Fukushima Radioactivity ‘Has Absolute Consequences In Rest Of World’

Stony Brook Univ. Scientist: Fukushima radioactivity “has absolute consequences in rest of world” — “It’s carried all over the place… incorporated into sea life… causes risks to human health” (AUDIO) (ENENews, Jan 27, 2014):

Interview with Zofia Baumann, Postdoctoral Investigator at School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Stony Brook University, KALW’s ‘Your Call’, July 8, 2012:

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Zofia Baumann, Stony Brook University: From my perspective, as a person, not even a scientist, I just find this astonishing how this is an example of the interconnectedness of the world. We have to always keep this in mind when people are becoming active in certain behaviors which carry a lot risks with it — this is an example, people wanting to derive energy from nuclear power, from uranium. And yes, the accident, that basically resulted in contamination of both radioactive material, as well as debris from the tsunami and the earthquake — it’s carried all over the ocean. So this goes to prove in one part of the world has absolute consequences in the rest of the world.

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Baumann: We are also learning about the stupidity of people who are placing such dangerous facilities such as the nuclear power plants right on the fault line. Therefore, I think people need to become a little bit more responsible because as we learned from our science is that the consequences are tremendous and that the radioactivity […] it’s carried all over the place and it’s absolutely incorporated into the sea life which is harmed itself by it, but also it causes risks to human health — and I think we all care about that. I think the lesson for humans is to be more responsible and plan in longer terms and try to assess science when making policies and decisions. That really, really needs to be improved.

Full broadcast available here

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