At Height Of Fukushima Plume Hitting California After 3-11 The EPA ‘Decided’ NOT To Deploy RADNET Monitors To Area

TV: At height of Fukushima emergency, region in California where plume hit had NO monitors — Email shows EPA ‘decided’ not to deploy RADNET to area — Only one left broke as radioactivity began spiking — “No clue” about exposure levels (MAP) (ENENews, Jan 24, 2014):

Follow-up to: Obama pick to lead EPA is from ‘Office of Air and Radiation’ — In charge of troubled ‘RadNet’ during Fukushima peak


KION, Jan. 9, 2014: […] when the plume was supposed to hit, there were no functioning RADnet monitors on the Central Coast. Hirsch said the EPA was going to deploy portable monitors. But look at the posted email from the EPA to air quality districts that were to monitor the portables. This was obtained with a Freedom of Information Act request by [University of California Santa Cruz lecturer Dan Hirsch]. […] “EPA HQ has decided at this time to not deploy the deployable RADNET monitors to CA, OR and WA.” So at the height of the emergency the central coast, the very spot where the radioactive plume was supposed to hit the EPA had no working monitors for the air quality in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara counties. Why? […] we really have no clue how much radiation was in the air on the central coast in the days and weeks after the Fukashima [sic] accident. Hirsch said we do know from a monitor in Bakersfield, before it broke in mid-march, that radioactive air quality was spiking. […] I’ve made a call to the EPA for comment on this they’ve yet to respond. Hirsch can only speculate that the EPA was worried about public hysteria over this and chose to now [not?] deploy the monitors.


Results from a sample of ocean water collected near the coast of Santa Barbara County on on March 22. 2011 is now available on the newly published map at Test results found 14.7 Bq/m³ of cesium-134 and -137. Other samples taken further off-shore in the weeks that followed also found cesium-134, which is used as a ‘fingerprint’ for determining whether the contamination originated from Fukushima Daiichi.

View all 2011 results on the map here

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  1. It was on this website where you showed Norway, Canada and the US all turn OFF the radiation monitors in April of 2011. That is how they chose to deal with it.
    Now, here in CA, we are literally cooking to death under the radioactive poisons that are killing all the wonderful aspects of our once great state. No cool winds from the ocean, the ocean is dying, no rain as a result……we are in Year 3 of the worst drought seen in our history. A tree specialist showed this was the worst drought in over 500 years……..was able to tell from tree rings………….
    Our temperatures are through the roof, this is the end of January, and we have had NO RAIN. It is like August, dry and ugly.
    But, no coverage of any of this. Their weather people smile and say “sunny days” and change the subject. Disgusting. Meanwhile, we have no sardines, salmon are yellow, it is no longer safe to eat from the ocean, or to allow children near it to play. It will be dead in a few more months…….it is like a nightmare without end.
    I am no scientist, but I am convinced the radiation that is so hot nobody can go near it is part of the cause of this insane heat and lack of cool weather. I have seen droughts before, but never one that gave NO RAIN this long.


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