WSJ Japan: ‘US Physicians Claim Radiation Risks Due To Fukushima Nuclear Accident’

Wall St. Journal (Japan): ‘US physicians claim radiation risks due to Fukushima nuclear accident’ — ‘Uncertainty’ over quality of radiation data from officials (ENENews, Jan 23, 2014):

Wall Street Journal Japan Online article translated by Fukushima Voice version 2e, Nov. 13, 2013: US physicians claim radiation risks due to the Fukushima nuclear accident — Intake of radioactively contaminated air, water and food brings radioactive material inside the body, causing internal radiation contamination. It is a critical responsibility of adults to protect lives and health of children, who will carry on the future, from radiation exposure. The symposium [on October 24], co-sponsored by PSR [Physicians for Social Responsibility] and Human Rights Now […] was held in response to the summary report by UNSCEAR […] Its purpose was to demand that UNSCEAR re-recognize uncertainties accompanying estimation of exposure doses as well as health effects, and encourage improvements in the completion of the final report. According to the critique about the report […] UNSCEAR report failed to accurately portray the true extent of radiation exposure, ignored the ongoing radioactive emissions, and excluded non-cancer effects of radiation. […] The critique also sounds the alarm that the comparisons between nuclear fallout and background (natural) radiation, often used when minimizing the risks of radiation exposure, can be misleading. […] “uncertainty” lingers not only in scientific effects of radiation exposure but also in the amount and the quality of data itself […] >> Full translation available here

More from the symposium: UN Official ‘Astounded’: Homeless are taken to work in Fukushima, ready to die

More about the UNSCEAR report: UN cover-up of Fukushima exposed on TV — Medical Doctor: There’s now many more cancer cases than we expected from Fukushima, UNSCEAR report has falsified estimations (VIDEO)

More from PSR: ‘Interesting fact’ for West Coast in new UN report, 95% of Fukushima discharges transported in Pacific; Contamination to impact N. America with ‘uncertain consequences’ for public health

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