Professor: ‘Reports Of Radiation In Kelp Just North Of California’

Professor: “Reports of radiation in kelp just north of California” — Signs of Fukushima contamination expected to start “really arriving strongly” this year (ENENews, Jan 21, 2014):

KION, Jan. 17, 2014: Kelp is the base of the Ecosystem on the Central Coast. That is why kelp forests are now the focus of research that aims to detect the movement of contaminants from the Fukushima disaster. […] 33 sties along the California coast will collect 15 pounds of kelp three times this year. Professor [Michael] Graham said there have been some reports of radiation in kelp just north of California near the state of Washington.

Professor Michael Graham, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and San Jose State (kelp expert), Jan. 17, 2014: “2014 is about the time you would expect to see a signal really arriving strongly in California […] This will be more useful in understanding the role of these contaminants and probably yes […] decrease some of the worry that comes on when we have no information.”

See also: California schools announce Fukushima testing: Imperative we monitor for any Fukushima contamination “that will be arriving this year” in ocean — LA Times claims levels are declining, fails to inform readers of radioactive plume crossing Pacific

Reports after Fukushima’s airborne contamination arrived in March 2011:

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