Linux Powered Smart Rifles With Networked Tracking Scopes Have Arrived

Linux Powered Smart Rifles With Networked Tracking Scopes Have Arrived (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Jan 20, 2014):

Technological advancement is moving ahead so fast it is impossible to keep up. Pretty soon it doesn’t look like humans are going to be responsible for much of anything at all if we continue at this pace.

The latest military “advancement” is a Linux powered rifle that basically only requires the human soldier to mark a target and then a computer can “engage and assist.” Basically it sounds a lot like a drone rifle. Insane.

More from Geeky Gadgets:

It has been reported this week that the United States military has started investing funds into next-generation firearms in the form of “smart rifles” that will be powered by Linux and equipped with a Networked Tracking Scope.

A soldier equipped with a smart rifle and its new Networked Tracking Scope would simply need to tag a target viewable on a screen, which is found on the gun’s scope to allows the computer to engage and assist.

Tracking Point has announced that the US military has purchased six of its new next-generation “smart rifles”, that are priced at between $10,000 and $27,000 each.

Check it out below:

Hunting with a bow and arrow it is not.

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