1 thought on “China Building Second Aircraft Carrier, Two More In The Pipeline”

  1. China had some wonderful qualities. They cared for their elders, they had medical care for all………until they got into bed with the west. Now, they don’t care for their elders, and they have no system in place to replace family care, and the old are thrown away like rubbish. It is horrible. Here in the US, we have a system for supporting our elders, it isn’t ideal, but much better than what China now has.
    Chinese elders were given the legal right to sue their children to care for them. Does that sound western? It does to me.
    Their medical care is now like ours…..if you have money, you get care, if you don’t, forget about it.
    Then, they adopted our financial model, print money nonstop, and gamble. I no longer think they will be the world economic leader because they are following the FED…….
    Now, they want to wage war with Japan, and perhaps in time with the west. It is a waste of time, resources and will not lead to good things. Look what the Military industrial complex has done to us.
    They have taken the worst of the west and adopted it.


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