European Parliament Rejects Cultivation Of GM Maize 1507

European Parliament Rejects Cultivation of GM Maize 1507 (Sustainable Pulse, Jan 16, 2014):

In a vote on Thursday the European Parliament (EP) has rejected what would be the EU’s second approved GM crop for cultivation – GM Maize 1507.

The vote was a very emphatic political message to the biotech industry with 385 against the authorisation, 201 in favour, 30 abstentions.

This is however only the first step for full rejection of GM Maize 1507 in the EU with national governments starting to vote Friday inside the EC on the same issue.

Join the ‘Stop the Crop’ campaign against GM Maize 1507 here:

If the EC allows GM Maize 1507 it would be the first GM maize to be allowed for growing on the field in Europe since 1998.

Back then, it was Monsanto’s infamous Bt-maize (MON810), producing its own insecticides. This time 1507  is also a Bt-maize, made by Pioneer, but one that has in addition been made tolerant to a powerful weedkiller (glufosinate-based, like Liberty). This weedkiller is classified as highly toxic by the EU.

There are many problems with this GM maize. Since it produces its own insecticides, it could pose risks to butterflies and moths and there has been no research on its impacts to other beneficial insects such as bees and other pollinators.

Contrary to EU rules, the required safety assessment linked to the use of the weedkiller has also not been done.

For more information about Pioneer’s maize 1507 read Friends of the Earth Europe’s background information here .

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  1. I am shocked! They are NOT willing to let Monsanto completely contaminate and control their food supply?
    They are afraid they cannot digest these foreign enzymes?

    Is there no trust for the muslim president moving EMP nukes to critical locations that would destroy America if set off? It was to be done without proper protocols and Obama firing generals for refusing to do so and them insisting on following safety procedures?

    Sounds like they know what is going on.


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