1 thought on “Beijing Citizens, Shrouded In Pollution, Flock To Giant Screens To View Artificial Sunrise”

  1. This total disregard for human life, all decent respect for life has taken us to this point. People will die from this, and the Chinese, just like their neighbors the Japanese, don’t give a damn. Only when this pollution starts to curtail profits will they move. In the meantime, how many will sicken and die?
    Add in the poisons pouring out of Fukushima. It has already destroyed the food chain, people are sickening and dying in close proximity to the nuclear fallout, still nothing is done. They can’t do a thing they say.
    Again, it is corporate dominance and endless greed that is ruining the prospect of life for all. Not just people, animals, birds, fish……….this is like a nightmare that won’t end.
    What is China spending money on? More weapons and military buildup. How mindless and stupid can people get?
    I know a wise man who told me he has two questions for God if he ever sees him.
    1. Why did you make humans?
    2. Why did you make me one of them?
    Honestly, man is the most foolish and thoughtless species in the world. No other species is stupid enough to develop things over which they have no control.
    Smog and radiation are just two examples.
    Mankind has ruined


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