Fukushima Cesium Detected In Alaska Salmon Sample — Concerned Fishermen Forced To Pay For Tests Since Officials Not Doing It

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Arnie Gundersen: I’m now not eating Pacific Ocean fish — Bio-accumulation of Fukushima nuclear waste concerning — Effects of lower-level radiation worse than predicted

NPR Affiliate: Fukushima cesium detected in Alaska salmon sample — Radioactive plume has already reached West Coast — Concerned fishermen forced to pay for tests since officials not doing it — “People don’t trust gov’t… they don’t trust corporations” (AUDIO) (ENENews, Jan 16, 2014):

Loki Fish Co., Jan. 7, 2014: […] In response to customer concerns over radiation releases into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima, fisherman-owned Loki Fish Company [paid for] radiation testing on seven stocks of wild salmon. […] Although the FDA contends that there is no evidence that radionuclides from Fukushima are present in Alaskan and Pacific Northwest seafood at a level that would be harmful to human health, it has not published results. […] Of the seven samples, five did not register detectable levels of radionuclides. Two of the samples registered at trace levels – Alaskan Keta at 1.4Bq/kg for Cesium 137, and Alaskan Pink at 1.2Bq/kg for Cesium 134 [Cesium-134 is a “clear fingerprint” for Fukushima’s nuclear contamination].

Pete Knutson, fisherman and co-owner of Loki Fish Co.: “As fishing families who put salmon on the table of consumers, we are as concerned as anyone about the health of our marine ecology.”

Oregon Public Broadcasting (NPR Affiliate), Jan. 16, 2014:  Scientists Say Stop Worrying About Fukushima Radioactivity In Fish[…] Japan’s nuclear disaster released hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive water in 2011**, sparking rampant speculation that a contaminated plume would reach the waters of North America’s West Coast. […] There is radioactive material from Fukushima making its way across the Pacific Ocean and it has already reached the West Coast in small amounts. […] Scientists are still debating how high those radioactivity levels could be. […]

**After years of denials, Fukushima plant officials have recently admitted around 400 metric tons of radioactive water has been flowing into the Pacific every day for nearly 3 years

More from Loki Fish Co. co-owner Pete Knutson: “We had people passing on our fish this year. It was directly because they were worried about Fukushima. […] People do not trust governmental authorities. They don’t trust corporations. They don’t trust explanations and they don’t have a good science background.”

And the scientists demanding the public ‘stop worrying about Fukushima radioactivity in fish” may want to tell their colleagues the same thing and see how they respond:

Listen to the broadcast here

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