Multiple marine scientists say Fukushima plume is at West Coast — S.F. Chronicle reports “radiation levels from Fukushima on California coast have gone down”

Multiple marine scientists say Fukushima plume is at West Coast — S.F. Chronicle reports “radiation levels from Fukushima on California coast have gone down” (ENENews, Jan 8, 2014):

San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 8, 2014: Scientists reported Wednesday that low levels of radiation from Japan’s Fukushima disaster first detected off the California coast two years ago have been declining ever since [… Prof. Nicholas Fisher] said that continued sampling of low radiation levels from Fukushima on the California coast shows “they have gone down ever since.”

There appears to be confusion about the radioactive plume crossing the Pacific to the West Coast. The leading edge of the plume has only just recently been reported to be arriving at the North American coast. Which means whatever contamination that was detected “off the California coast two years ago [and has] been declining ever since” is not related to the Fukushima plume crossing the Pacific.


Reports of the recent arrival of the Fukushima plume on the West Coast of North America are coming from government-funded scientists. Here’s a few examples:

  1. Oct. 15, 2013 — Report by scientists with Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Fukushima plume “was detectable along the entire Line P in June, 2013″ which extends to the Canadian west coast near the U.S. border
  2. Nov. 20, 2013 — Marine Chemist on CBC Radio: Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada is “starting to detect the presence of the plume of radioactivity […] it is making its way towards our coast.”
  3. Nov. 27, 2013 — Marine Radiochemist on KPFA Radio: “I’ve seen some Canadian data that the front edge of that plume is starting to show up […] confirming what the models predict”

Multiple experts have voiced concerns about the levels of Fukushima nuclear waste contained in the plume:

  1. Douglas Dasher, researcher at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks: “The levels they are projecting in some of the models are in the ballpark of what they saw in the North Pacific in the 1960s.”
  2. Arnie Gundersen, nuclear expert: “Radiation that went into the Pacific from largely French tests, but also American tests, is smaller than what is going into the Pacific now from Fukushima […] Fukushima Daiichi’s plume that’s heading towards the West Coast of the US has about 10 times more radiation in that wave than what we had already done from bomb testing. We further contaminated the Pacific, much more so than the bomb testing.”
  3. John Kelley, professor emeritus at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks: “The data they will need is not only past data but current data, and if no one is sampling anything then we won’t really know it, will we? The general concern was, is the food supply safe? And I don’t think anyone can really answer that definitively.”

2021 at depth of 150-250m

The contamination is forecast to last for about 10 years off California’s coast. Yet the model only takes into account the first few weeks of Fukushima releases into the Pacific, though plant officials have recently admitted hundreds of tons of contaminated water have been flowing into the Pacific since the first days of the disaster nearly 3 years ago.

More on this from nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen: Radioactive plume to impact West Coast in a year — Not going away after it hits… likely to only get stronger — Fukushima will keep releasing contamination for years to come — Must demand officials test fish and make data public (AUDIO)

1 thought on “Multiple marine scientists say Fukushima plume is at West Coast — S.F. Chronicle reports “radiation levels from Fukushima on California coast have gone down””

  1. Arnie Gunderson is right about the radiation getting stronger. But, it reached our shores within a month after the disaster. US media, even NPR, is putting out lie after lie……none of them will tell the truth.
    I believe it was on this site in April of 2011 where we were shown what the countries directly affected would do. They shut down the radiation monitors in Norway, Canada and the US……that is how they dealt with it.
    Today, I was at the grocery store. I had to walk by all the wonderful fish I used to enjoy because of the high level of radioactive poisons in the dying Pacific ocean.
    How many people understand much of our oxygen comes from the oceans? A dead ocean (the Pacific by Jan, 2015) sends no oxygen, and the fish and sea life all die from radioactive poisons and smothering. What a dreadful fate thanks to the greedy TEPCO executives and their equally rotten government.
    This is the only story worth watching. You can talk about the rigged markets, corrupt politics, and all the games of the greedy guts…….but this is the only one from which nobody can lie their way out. Nobody is immune, and millions will sicken and die. Our way of living has been altered forever…..the food chain is irrevocably broken.
    The foolish greed of a few has destroyed our planet for all time.
    I have been reading a story on the UK Guardian. Some fools are selling one way tickets to Mars upon a man made rocket. How they could live on a dead planet with no warmth, no water, no air is beyond me. Even more amazing is the fact people are buying tickets.
    All I can say is that P.T. Barnum was correct when he said there is a sucker born every minute. But, I bet there will be a lot of desperate people who will try anything to avoid death. A post-apocalyptic world is an awful thing to contemplate…..especially when it is part of real life, not just another movie.
    There are a lot of changes coming, more than we ever imagined.


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