Government Still Silent After Radiation Levels Spike On West Coast (Video)

YouTube Added: Jan 8, 2014

1 thought on “Government Still Silent After Radiation Levels Spike On West Coast (Video)”

  1. The first seven and one half minutes of this clip is worth listening to……evidently the situation at Fukushima is beginning to alarm the obtuse leaders of Japan and the US. The US is ordering lots of chemicals supposedly to protect people from radioactive poisoning…….a little late……and Japan is preparing to evacuate more people.
    This all ought to have been done 34 months ago, as usual, too little too late.
    Our food chain is destroyed. The chemicals they ordered will not protect anyone from nuclear fallout…….it is beyond stupid. But, they have to look as if they are doing something even though there is nothing they can do. These clowns care more about appearance than reality.
    Truth of the matter is that our own technology will kill us.


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