South Lake Tahoe: Radioactive Snow! (Video)

YouTube Added: Dec 29, 2013


15 is normal. We are seeing counts as high as 100-200 across the nation, yet we see NO MENTION in the media.

The person who took these readings is a nuclear engineer and operated submarine reactors BEFORE I even met him at Cal Poly. He is a long time friend and is awake. He is by far the MOST qualified of ANYONE on Youtube to speak on this subject. I will follow up this video with verification of his credentials and more readings for those who wish to doubt these findings or feel as though their ‘sources’ who they claim are ‘authorities’ are more qualified, while trying to discredit these.

His measurements are correct and true. When he worked in the reactor, background radiation was 30 cpms! He measured radiation daily for years and knows what he is doing. Do not believe those who wish to tell you that this is not real, minimize the severity of this problem or try to discredit this as fear mongering. It is very real and the only way to get the word out is to continue to raise awareness. Protection of the public does not get real until EVERYONE DEMANDS CHANGE, not nitpicking each other’s findings, which divides us all. I may have John on for a video to address any questions the doubters may have regarding his measurements and to discuss his qualifications. Like I said, he IS the authority. Years of real world experience, degrees and credentials.

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