Israeli Air And Ground Assaults Pound Gaza

Israeli Air and Ground Assaults Pound Gaza (RINF, Dec 25, 2013):

Israel slammed Gaza with a series of air and ground military assaults on Tuesday, killing 3-year-old Palestinian girl Hala Abu Sabikha and wounding at least nine in what appears to be the most severe attack on this besieged home to 1.7 million people since an Israeli offensive in November 2012.

Hala’s mother, her 3-year-old brother Bilal, and 6-year-old brother Mohammad were injured in the attacks. The family was reportedly struck in Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza.

The Isreali Army said airstrikes and tank and infantry attacks were in retaliation for the killing of an Israeli laborer identified as 22-year-old Saleh Abu Latif from the majority Bedouin city of Rahat.

“Palestinian officials reported at least 16 Israeli attacks, causing a causing a series of loud explosions across the territory in rapid succession,” Associated Press reports. Witnesses say shells were fired at Gaza City, Reuters reports.

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  1. Israel, like the US, the UK, and other nations have no control over their leaders, or their actions.
    Many folks in Israel want a two state solution, but the leaders won’t listen. Instead, they have an endless hellhole of war that cannot be won. People will fight to the death for their homeland……it is part of our makeup as people……territory is very important to us. The way Israel continues to settle into the Gaza strip and get folks to move there….the worst it gets.
    Israel and the US are allies, regardless a majority of the US population does not like the actions of Israel, and especially their warmongering, insane leader.
    As a result, we are the two most hated nations on the planet. It is no longer 1970, it is 2014……and many other nations have methods and tools to fight back. The US has become the bully of the world, and other nations have figured out there are many ways to win besides using bombs and firearms.
    Look at the financials. Until June of 2010, the US dollar was used in the completion of every international trade in the world. Today, thanks to electronic currencies, the entire concept of a world reserve currency has been rendered obsolete. Hugo Chavez started that with the advent of the Sucre, the first electronic currency, in 2010. The Sucre made it possible for all member nations of the South American Trade Alliance to trade with each other, using their own currencies without first converting to the dollar. The Sucre translates the value of each currency, making the need for a world reserve currency yesterday’s needs.
    The SATA had a total GDP of about half a billion dollars, very small, and it flew under the radar.
    Russia and China saw the success of the Sucre, and quickly followed suit, trading with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. They went on to recruit more members such as Turkey, many South American nations, many nations in Africa and the Middle East. After the last round of sanctions on Iran, India and Japan joined.
    New Zealand and Australia dumped the dollar about 3 months ago.
    So, three and a half years later, about half the world no longer use the dollar. The endless printing of cash with nothing behind it but ink, abusing the status was one reason. Also the fool sanctions on Iran.
    Regardless of US propaganda, much of the world trades with Iran, the Iraq war has made them a very rich nation, and a great trading partner. Iran already accepts most currencies or gold, and nations are not going to avoid Iran because of a petulant demand by the US, now the most hated nation on the globe.
    We have lost it all, our credibility, trustworthiness, and our good relations with many nations. Instead, we have fool warmongers in power, just as Israel does, and they rightfully despise us.
    So, the real war is financial, and the US is losing badly. This is why they want to mend fences with Iran, the war has been lost.
    Soon, the US will be sitting on a pile of paper currency nobody wants. That is the real war, and we have lost it.


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