‘You can expect an enormous amount of cancers’ around Pacific — ‘We’re all at risk, this radiated water is going to hit right here’ in U.S.

Reports: “You can expect an enormous amount of cancers” around Pacific — “We’re all at risk, this radiated water is going to hit right here” in U.S. — We’re at top of food chain, so we get highest radiation dose — 35+ people now suffering cancer after U.S. rescue mission off Fukushima (VIDEO) (ENENews, Dec 23, 2013):

New York Post, Dec. 22, 2013:  […] three years after their deployment on a humanitarian mission to Japan’s ravaged coast [scores of] crew members on the [USS Ronald Reagan] aircraft carrier and a half-dozen other support ships are battling cancers, thyroid disease, uterine bleeding and other ailments. […] The fallout of those four days spent off the Fukushima coast has been tragic to many of the 5,000 sailors who were there. […] At least 70 have been stricken with some form of radiation sickness, and of those, “at least half . . . are suffering from some form of cancer,” their lawyer, Paul Garner, told The Post Saturday. “We’re seeing leukemia, testicular cancer and unremitting gynecological bleeding requiring transfusions and other intervention,” said Garner […] “Then you have thyroid polyps, other thyroid diseases” […]

Interview with Charles Bonner, one of the attorneys representing 3/11 first responders, EON, published Dec. 20, 2013 (at 16:00 in): We also want to bring awareness […] to the 70,000 first responders — who went to Japan to help in this rescue mission — that they’re all at risk, in fact we’re all at risk. This radiated water* is going to hit right here in San Diego, and the Pacific Ocean [coast of U.S. and Canada] in 2015**.

* Forecast model shown in video simulates the transport of tsunami debrisnot radioactive contamination.
** Recent reports from gov’t scientists reveal the Fukushima ocean plume hit West Coast months ago.

Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds, KBOO, Nov. 2013 (at 53:00 in): “Billions of people rely on [the Pacific Ocean] for fishing, and for drinking, and for recreation and stuff like that. So that we’ve contaminated a body of water with, what scientists in the nuclear iunduryu would say, is too low to worry about — but when you take a source that’s dilute, and you multiply it by the billions of people that in fact use that source, you can expect an enormous amount of cancers as a result.”

Interview with radioactive waste watchdog Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear, Truthout, Dec. 19, 2013: The National Academy of Sciences in the United States has affirmed for decades that any exposure to radioactivity, no matter how low the dose, carries a health risk for cancer. […] Another dynamic of great concern […] is the attitude of the nuclear establishment that the Pacific Ocean will dilute radioactivity […] “We are at the top of the food chain, so we’re going to get the most concentrated dose from seafood” […]

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