USS Ronald Reagan Navy Rescuer: Japan Refused To Let Us In During 3/11 Operation, Said Ship Too Radioactive; We Were Literally Chased By A Death Sentence, Radiation Was Everywhere

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Navy Rescuer: Japan refused to let us in during 3/11 operation, said ship too radioactive; We were literally chased by a death sentence, radiation was everywhere — Gundersen: “Like a horror movie where beast never gets killed… Worst yet to come for Pacific” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Dec 22, 2013):

Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gnndersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, Sept. 1, 2013 (at 41:40 in): “We’re used to solutions that can be solved in a TV episode. Unfortunately, this is more like a horror movie, where the beast never gets killed. The worst is yet to come for the Pacific […] it’s likely to grow because this plant is still leaking.”  >>> Full broadcast available here

EON (Ecological Options Network) interviews U.S. Military service personnel at San Diego courthouse, published Dec. 20, 2013:

At 9:40 in

Lindsay Cooper, USS Ronald Reagan crew member during 3/11 rescue operations in Japan: You could tell the entire command was concerned because they were trying to do everything possible that they could to take care of us. We couldn’t get any assistance from ships because ships weren’t allowed to come in the area that weren’t already exposed to radiation. No ports would let us in. Japan wouldn’t let us in because we had too much radiation. Guam wouldn’t let us in, Korea [too].

At 13:30 in

Cooper: It got to the point where the water’s contaminated, we’re going to have a lock down, we’re going to go on the opposite side of Japan and try and get away over there. As soon as we got there, our water was still contaminated. So it was just where ever we went, it was an ongoing issue with radiation. We were being chased, literally, by a death sentence.

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1 thought on “USS Ronald Reagan Navy Rescuer: Japan Refused To Let Us In During 3/11 Operation, Said Ship Too Radioactive; We Were Literally Chased By A Death Sentence, Radiation Was Everywhere”

  1. It will take a lot of players, and a lot of money to get this story in front of the US citizen. Nothing of truth is told them any longer; CBS is telling them radiated food is safer…….the blatant lies told them each day is beyond belief. They no longer report any news…….just junk, wedge issues and tabloid. Going to the courts for justice isn’t a good place these days……they are bought and paid for by the corporations. There are no avenues of truth left.
    These sailors are just the beginning.

    The latest NDAA being pushed through this holiday tells me it is going to get much worse in America. The FEMA camp stories have been buried, but we know from a year ago that the Army was staffing them because job openings were on the Army website.

    What are they for and why has media gotten so insipid?
    This story is just the beginning…….and I fear for those who will see the end. My illness gives me an out, and now, I am glad to have it. I wasn’t when I was diagnosed, but a lot has happened to this country since then. It is an Orwellian nightmare from which there is no escape unless you die.

    These are the last days, at least for America. It has been gutted of it’s wealth, and drained of all civil rights. It is more like Germany in the 1930s every week.

    Thanks for staying on the story. Even the Guardian has been muzzled. If I go to their site, it is like looking at Huffington Post………..all real news is no longer addressed there. Until a month ago, it was one of the best sources of news on the planet.

    Do these fools really believe their lies can overrule the truth?


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