Canadian Government Scientists: Model Shows Levels From Fukushima Will Exceed ‘Maximum Fallout’ In Pacific

Canadian Gov’t Scientists: Model shows levels from Fukushima will exceed ‘maximum fallout’ in Pacific — “Not a human health radiological threat!” (ENENews, Dec 20, 2013):

Radionuclide Transport from Fukushima to Eastern North Pacific, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 2013 PICES Annual Meeting on October 15, 2013:

To what historical fallout level does Fukushima return us? Rossi model; takes us to levels higher than maximum fallout.

Caveat: These levels are still well below maximum permissible concentrations in drinking water for 137Cs of 10,000 Bq/m3: Not an environmental or human health radiological threat!

Model shows levels from Fukushima will exceed maximum fallout in Pacific
Model shows levels from Fukushima will exceed maximum fallout in Pacific-2

Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen, KBOO, Nov. 9, 2013 (at 55:00 in): The amount of radiation that went into the Pacific from largely French tests, but also American tests, is smaller than what is going into the Pacific now from Fukushima Daiichi. The concentration in the Pacific from Cs-137 – we had contaminated the Pacific […] 700 bombs above ground and a couple thousand below ground […] but Fukushima Daiichi’s plume that’s heading towards the West Coast of the US has about 10 times more radiation in that wave as it comes toward the US than what we had already done from bomb testing. We further contaminated the Pacific, much more so than the bomb testing in the Pacific back in the 40s and 50s .

Full interview available here

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