Study: Evidence Of ‘Uncontrollable Nuclear Reaction’ After Fukushima Reactors Shutdown – ‘Emerged Criticality’ Supported By Data

Study: Evidence of “uncontrollable nuclear reaction” after Fukushima reactors shutdown — “Emerged criticality” supported by data (PHOTOS) (ENENews, Dec 5, 2013):

Estimation of Nuclear-Energy Excursion Possibility during Fukushima-1 NPP Accident, CTBTO: Science & Technology, June 2013: [March 15 at Takasaka monitoring station ~250km SW of Fukushima-1] registered levels of radioactive aerosols exceeded the possible ranges of measurements […] The highest values of radioactivity were indicated on March 16. […] iodine-135 (half-life period = 6,6 hour) reached value of 74 Bq/m3, and the ratio of iodine-135/iodine-131 activities reached value of 24 that pointed indicated on “fresh” fission products from the damaged reactors, and also testified to possibility of emerged uncontrollable nuclear reaction. Unfortunately, the data of radioactive noble gases concentrations were not correctly obtained at Takasaka’s station because of too high levels of their content and equipment pollution. […] reinforce or reject the hypothesis of secondary criticality at the Fukushima-1 accident could be possible […]

Sulfur-35 in Southern California, June 2013: […] data in favor of the criticality is given in [5] where the results of the determination of radioactive sulfur-35 in sulfate aerosols and gaseous SO2 in the oceanic air on the Pacific coast in the village of La Jolla, California. This data indicate exposure of sea water to neutrons with fluence 4 x 10^11 neutrons per m2.  Radionuclide sulfur-35 is formed from seawater containing chlorine-35 by neutron irradiation.

Radioactive Xenon Ratios, June 2013: To verify the hypothesis of emerged uncontrollable nuclear reaction at NPP Fukushima-1 accident, the data was compared with the calculated data characterizing decrease of activity of fission products and changes in isotopes ratio of 133Xe/133mXe and 131mXe/133Xe after automatic shutdown of reactors at the moment of the earthquake. Calculation model considered possibility of «supply» of reactor nuclides with «fresh» products of fission due to emerged criticallity. […] Fig. 10 indicates results of statistical processing of calculated values of dates of shutdowns, calculated using data from [6] and graph on fig. 9. It can be seen, that peak if frequency distribution of these dates corresponds to March 14, which «gets behind» real date, which speaks in favour of criticality hypothesis. Fig. 11 indicates isomer ratios 133Xe/133mXe […] `It can be seen, that values of ratios are in trend to decline from «reactor» value — 36 to value typical for «fresh» products — 10. Therefore, data on Fig. 11 also indicate possibility of emergency emission products supply with “fresh” fission products, i.e. supports a hypothesis of postshutdown criticality.

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  1. As a CA resident, I advised a healthy friends to start thinking about moving inland, that CA may well be unlivable in another couple of years.
    He asked why nobody seems to know or care about this pending disaster…….my reply was US media propaganda. It is well oiled and highly polished, and the trite stuff they cover is a crime against thinking people. Calling themselves news outlets is the biggest lie of all.
    I hope that the folks who survive this disaster (some will I hope) will realize fully how dangerous it is for a corporation to run a country. The way things are going now fully verify your article on the condition of the world, and why you stopped updating it a few years ago…….you see no hope, either.
    I am fortunate that my illness blocks my having to make many decisions, I won’t be alive, and won’t have to contend with the insanity I foresee.
    Thank you again for all you are doing in the struggle to get some truth out…….it gets harder all the time.
    I saw on the Guardian MSNBC fired the last decent broadcaster………Martin Bashir……because he dared to speak his truth about a media created personage. That is what happens when six corporations control all news outlets in the country.
    Japan has one corporation, TEPCO, controlling 96% of all their power grid. They have sold out, and the crimes against humanity being carried out are too vast and too dark to list here. Enough to state they destroyed the food chain……..and the Pacific Ocean is dying.
    US media is silent. Why? Who does this help? How does this help anything?
    It isn’t the meek who will inherit the earth, it is the mindless, and it has already happened.


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