Fukushima And The End Of Humanity (Video)


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YouTube Added: Oct 19, 2013

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  1. Do the fools think they can legislate this disaster?
    The man in the video quotes Matthew 24:22
    Somewhere in that same book there is a saying the meek shall inherit the earth……
    I think it is a mistranslation. It should read “the mindless shall inherit the earth……” and it has already happened.
    This handling of this disaster proves it.
    Look at how they are handling it.
    “So interesting to see all the sea creatures in the San Francisco bay”……interesting? It is a bloody indicator the sea is dying. And these fools get away with stupid statements like this!
    I don’t have words to fully express my disgust and anger.
    Thanks again for staying on this story….the most important on the globe.

  2. In this age of information, a time when so much data is literally at one’s fingertips, I find it appalling there is nearly nothing about the most important story……..the Fukushima disaster. Nearly nothing is mentioned about this, except for the brave few like this one, who buck the corporate blackout on this story.
    Why? Do they think blacking out the story will make the problem go away? I saw on a couple of websites that ABC was doing some report on this story, I listened to the news clip……..they said not to worry. By the time the radiation reaches the west coast, it will be “too diluted” to do any damage, so don’t worry. I was horrified by the blatant lies in the short clip…it said nothing would reach the west coast for at least another year. The commentator spoke as if the audience were in kindergarten, not adult. It was insulting, mendacious and of no help to anyone.
    From all the information I can garner, the radiation is here. The coast is full of sea life that normally doesn’t come this close to shore. The experts say they “don’t understand”. They are here in order to find food and oxygen, over 3000 miles of the Pacific is dead, thanks to the plutonium and other poisons pouring from Fukushima into the ocean. But, they “don’t understand”, and tell people to “enjoy the view.”
    What kind of madness motivates these people to lie? If I can see it, so can they.
    5400 miles lie Between Fukushima and the San Francisco bay …… wales, dolphins, sea turtles, and many other are here…….. because they have nowhere else to go.
    Why is nothing being done to prepare for this? Why are they lying to us? People have said perhaps they fear a panic. Telling people to prepare is mindful, not telling them, letting them die of radioactive poisons is genocide on a scale we cannot imagine. It can generate a panic far worse than one that is intelligently addressed. Fear is the worst, especially when there is no reasonable data behind it.
    Personally, I am very angry. There is NO EXCUSE for this type of neglect. Most people roll their eyes if the subject is brought up……..corporate media has worked successfully to make a joke of it. It is so depraved.
    We cannot buy safe water or food now, the plutonium was found in our milk three weeks after the event. Instead, Norway, Canada and the US turned off the radiation monitors.
    Some stores are offering Geiger counters so customers can measure the level of radiation in fish. But, these instruments don’t cover all the types of radiation, just a limited number. So, they may look safe, but the truth is, they are not. I did some research, and an instrument that can read all the ones we are exposed to would cost thousands of dollars, and probably be too heavy to carry to the store.
    Even the Greedy Guts will die from this, nobody will escape. The radiation level is already thousands of times stronger than it was 3/11/11. It is here, invisible, and nobody can escape, except by moving underground. As for me, I would rather die.
    Were it not for this site, we would have learned nothing. Other sites are finally coming online. Enenews,com, sometimes Bloomberg discusses the financial fallout from the disaster. NHK world is another, so it rt.com. There are a few others, but the major news sites don’t address the problem at all.
    I have an illness that will soon take my life, and I thank goodness for it. I have someone who will take my two cats, and there is money enough for their care. I am pondering the necessity of perhaps putting them down when I go. Radiation poisoning is a very painful way to die, and I don’t want them to suffer. The remaining funds can be used to help other abandoned animals……but it is damn difficult because most people refuse to accept what is already here.
    The denial by government, the people the news outlets is criminal.
    I am no bible thumper. One of the links you had on your site today mentions Matthew 24:22. I pulled out my old bible, and the entire chapter sounds like what is coming for us……..22 is only one paragraph.
    I feel so discouraged. Not about dying, I would anyway, but for the millions who will die unnecessarily thanks to the lies fed them by government.
    Thanks for all you do.


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