Yale Prof.: Ongoing Fukushima Fallout On West Coast Is Scary, But Not Alarming – I Don’t Think It’s Safe To Eat Pacific Seafood


Yale Professor: Ongoing Fukushima fallout on West Coast is scary, but not alarming — I don’t think it’s safe to eat Pacific seafood (AUDIO) (ENENews, Nov 28, 2013):

Interview with Dr. Charles Perrow, professor emeritus at Yale University and author of the award-winning book Normal Accidents: Living With High Risk Technologies, Nov. 11, 2013:

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Q: Do you think it’s safe to eat seafood – salmon, tuna – from the Pacific? A: No. […] I haven’t stopped because I’m at an ancient age where before it could affect me, I will have died of other causes. So I haven’t stopped, but I recommend to my granddaughter who lives in Berkeley California that they be very cautious about the amount seafood from the Pacific that they consume.

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Q: How much of it is falling over the West Coast of the USA and Canada? A: That’s a matter of dispute. Private agencies — scientific agencies in some cases, not many — have been monitoring the fallout because the government is not. The government is not releasing any monitoring data unless it sounds very good. And as a matter of fact, a significant number of the normal monitoring stations the US government keeps running are not running. They have broken or they’ve been shut down because of sequestration cut backs and were not watching it. But some private agencies have monitored this and some individuals with household monitors — you can buy them at the Radio Shack — have been keeping check on this and their data is, I would not say alarming but it’s scary.

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