Scientists Detect Fukushima’s Radioactive Plume Offshore Canada – Prof: Monitoring Rainfall Over Next Couple Years Would Be Prudent



A Radioactive Nightmare … Coming To The U.S.

More articles on the buckyballs nightmare HERE (at

“… new UC Davis report about uranium-filled “buckyballs” and proof that sea mist carries radiation inland for hundreds of miles …” (Source)

CBC: Gov’t scientists are now detecting Fukushima’s radioactive plume offshore of Canada — Professor: It’s headed to our coast, I think monitoring rainfall over next couple years would be prudent (AUDIO) (ENENews, Nov 27, 2013):

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds chief engineer, Nov. 26, 2013 (at 3:15 in): [It’s] really a mixed blessing […] What saved Japan was that the wind was blowing out to sea. Now I said it’s a mixed blessing because the contamination is heading to the West Coast of the United States. >> Watch the Fairewinds video here

CBC interview with Jay Cullen, associate professor and marine chemist at University of Victoria’s school of earth & ocean sciences, Nov. 20, 2013 (at 8:15 in): I think we could definitely have more monitoring. I know that the Department of Fisheries and Oceans — the Institute of Ocean Science –- [the lion-p?] program which is a time series program that monitors the chemistry and biology of the North Pacific that’s headed up by Maria Robert. They’re making measurements of these Fukushima-source radionuclides offshore, and they’re starting to detect the presence of the plume of radioactivity. Again these elements, the concentrations are really quite low compared to natural* radionuclides, but it is making its way towards our coast. But I do think it would be prudent to monitor both precipitation and what’s going on in the oceans, especially over the next couple of years. 1: for what we can learn about how the oceans are operating; and 2: to really – again — put these risks into perspective. I think that the public’s perceived risk, especially when it comes to radioactivity in the environment, is sometimes way out of line with what the actual risks are.

*Prof. Cullen, Nov. 21, 2013: “The natural level of radioactivity on average in the oceans is about 13 Bq/L.” (or 13,000 Bq/m3)

(Note: Fish bio-concentrate cesium-137 at a rate of 100 times the level found in the surrounding water. For seals and sea lions it’s up to 1,000 times. Source: IAEA)

Full CBC broadcast available here

1 thought on “Scientists Detect Fukushima’s Radioactive Plume Offshore Canada – Prof: Monitoring Rainfall Over Next Couple Years Would Be Prudent”

  1. Prudent to measure the rainfall over the west coast the next two years? When I first discovered this wonderful site,, they were covering the radiation monitor shutdown happening in Norway, Canada and the USA about two weeks after Fukushima. Why were they not prudent then?
    The whole thing disgusts me beyond belief. Any way it is examined, the west coast has less than two years before the Pacific ocean becomes totally poisoned along with the water, air, soil……….They have done nothing, not even providing instructions what to do with pets in the rain. This site did what the government ought to have been doing, finding and reporting on the disaster, and providing information how people can protect their pets, children, and selves safe.
    Some scientists say the Pacific will be totally toxic by 2016.
    There was an article about two weeks ago on the Guardian, this site, http://www.enenews, and It was written by an engineer who had taken the voyage from Fukushima to San Francisco (distance 5400 miles) ten years ago, then took it again.
    Ten years ago, dolphins played, lots of sea birds, all the wonderful things one can see on a cruse. This time, there was no life for 3000 miles out, except one sick dolphin with a boil on his head.
    People are raving how great it is to see the big fish here on the west coast because they are too ignorant to know what that means. These creatures get life and oxygen from the living oceans. When the oceans die, they move to find oxygen and food, in this case, towards the western US.
    I did some rough figuring, and using his information along with other data I have been able to find, without storms or more explosions from Fukushima, the Pacific ocean will be completely dead by September/October of 2015. I calculated the poison is traveling the Pacific at 91 miles a month.
    I have little math or science background, but what concerns me is that my figuring is close to those scientists who foresee disaster for the west coast in two years. Millions are going to die, while Washington DC fiddles with health care laws, etc. The governments of any sane system would be working night and day to stop this poison from pouring into the sea. Instead, they do nothing.
    This could be the factor to unite the world. Instead, people continue to build wars to enrich the few at the cost of many, and grub for as much money as they can grab. Money has no value in a dead world……….
    Thanks for all you do.


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