Plutonium Levels ‘Slightly Elevated’ In Pacific After Fukushima – Scientist: It’s ‘Most Likely’ Flowing From Plant Into Ocean – 2.5 TRILLION Bq Of PLUTONIUM Released To Air In Four Days After 3/11

Plutonium is the deadliest substance on the planet.


Scientists Detect Plutonium From Fukushima In Lithuania

Unpublished data from Kenna, Masque, Buesseler et al.

Unpublished Data: Plutonium levels ‘slightly elevated’ in Pacific after Fukushima — Scientist: It’s ‘most likely’ flowing from plant into ocean — 2.5 trillion Bq of plutonium released to air in four days after 3/11, almost all blown out to sea (AUDIO) (ENENews, Nov 26, 2013):

Press Conference, March 27, 2011: REPORTER: According to NISA, the stagnant water in the nuclear power plant, whether the water contains plutonium has not been investigated by the Cabinet I believe, and I think extensive investigation is necessary don’t you think? CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY EDANO: […] the soil within the nuclear power plant premise is now being investigated. I have been reported that the measurement is not easy […]

Ken Buesseler (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA) and Michio Aoyama (Meteorological Research Institute, Japan), Aug. 4, 2012: Surface ocean in June 2011, see slightly elevated Pu -from direct discharge?  -Pu removed on sinking  particles, so Cs/Pu ratio increases over time (Kenna, Masque, Buesseler et al. unpublished) […] Seafloor sedimentation is small, but important sink for Cs (Pu?)

Ken Buesseler Interview on WCAI, April 13, 2011 (at 6:45 in): As we basically cool these reactors down with seawater and that seawater leaks back directly into the ocean, through discharge canals or through groundwater, that also is most likely carrying with it things like plutonium.

Listen to the broadcast here

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