1 thought on “‘Lots Of Sea Birds Washing Up Dead’ In Alaska (Photos)”

  1. The Japanese have broken the food chain. The sea birds eat from the sea. The fish and other creatures in the Pacific have been poisoned with radioactive Fukushima fallout.
    Now, the birds are dying. Some scientists claim the Pacific will be completely dead by 2016…….two years from now. I get so angry when I think of that. I live in CA, and the ocean has been part of my entire life. Going to Fisherman’s Warf, picking fresh crab from a tank to eat, the wonderful swordfish and filet of Sole………..all of that is no longer safe to eat.
    I hope there is a special hell for these greedy bastards who put profit ahead of everything else.
    This is truly heartbreaking, I love the wild birds, they are so smart.
    One day, we were lunching in Sausalito. Some people were eating on the outdoor patio. A man below us was holding a sandwich in his hand while speaking, and a seagull swooped down and grabbed the sandwich right out of his hand and flew away with it………..the look on that man’s face was one I relish…..he was blown away.
    We were still laughing when the waiter came with our food……he said it happens a lot. The little bums are really smart.
    The idea that is gone forever breaks my heart.


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