Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff: Only Rich Americans ‘Deserve To Live’

Listen to Gordon Duff here:

Only rich Americans ‘deserve to live’ (PressTV, Nov 19, 2013):

American journalist Gordon Duff says the US economic problems have turned it into a country where only rich people deserve to live decent lives.

“People who have money no matter how they got it, dealing drugs, prostitution, kidnapping children off the street, taking kickbacks from contractors….they deserve to live,” Duff told Press TV on Tuesday.

“If you don’t, you deserve to die, you don’t deserve medical care, the Affordable Care Act has to be squat and stops, your children… they deserve third-rate schools,” he said.

“This country is an island of frightened starving poor who are totally and absolutely oppressed by police and the frightened starving poor used to be the uneducated,” he added. But now “the starving poor in the United States are people with college education and families whose factories have moves away, who lost their homes.”

“The starving poor in the United States is about 60 percent of the United States now,” he noted, saying “police keep them away” from the rich.

The statistics on poverty in America are getting more alarming than ever. Four out of 5 US adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives.

According to The Associated Press, the trend has been attributed to “an increasingly globalized US economy, the widening gap between rich and poor and loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs.”

According to some estimates, a staggering number of Americans, over 146 millions, are either “poor” or “low income.”

Critics say the number of Americans living in poverty is even much more than what official statistics reveal.

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