Experts: Fukushima Plume Headed To West Coast Isn’t Just Going To Pass By Like Smoke; Pacific To Be Full Of Contamination

Experts: Fukushima plume headed to West Coast isn’t just going to pass by like smoke, plant continues to spew into ocean; Pacific to be full of contamination, it’s a gigantic experiment — Host: Amazing how many people are in denial (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 15, 2013):

Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells, Nov. 9, 2013:

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Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Chief Engineer: Unlike a cloud of smoke that passes over, Fukushima continues to spew cesium into the ocean and strontium too, I have to add. So the net effect is that the spigot hasn’t been turned off yet, and we’re contaminating the Pacific Ocean in the process […] It’s not heavier than water, it’s very, very small particles that sort of float almost like dust in air, so that it is moving in the entire water column across the Pacific. […] We’ve got contamination of the aquatic chain. […] the top of the food chain animals will likely become contaminated.

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Steven Starr, Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri, Senior Scientist at Physicians for Social Responsibility: We’re looking at the whole Pacific is full of this stuff, and we have no idea how it’s going to build up. It’s a gigantic experiment, what’s going to happen.

John B. Wells, Host: Isn’t it amazing how many people are in denial about this? […] This is a problem, and it’s not going away.

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