What You Should Be Doing NOW To Protect Yourself From Radiation


Here is a lot more what you can do to protect yourself (incl. links to scientific studies):

How To Decrease Radiation Illness And Protect Yourself From Radiation

Taking supplements may be helpful, but if you still have access to organic and uncontaminated vegetables & fruits, then changing your diet (slowly!) to a raw food diet (vegetables, fruits, nuts and (sprouted) seeds, honey) will be the best protection from radiation and cancer (and all other kinds of diseases).

I higly recommend to drink about gallon of steam-distilled water every day.

This will flush out all the garbage (incl. radioactive particles) from your system:

24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water

Distilled water will only leach inorganic minerals (= toxic garbage) from your body (and not the organic minerals).

What You Should Be Doing NOW to Protect Yourself from Radiation (Washington’s Blog, Nov 10, 2013)

2 thoughts on “What You Should Be Doing NOW To Protect Yourself From Radiation”

  1. I think it is time for people to ask themselves if they wish to live in a post apocalyptical world. I sure don’t, and have an illness that will soon take my life.
    Because of what is happening in Japan, I now see my illness as a rescue……it will get me out of the hell I see coming. The radiation will continue to get worse. I don’t care how much water you drink, the water will soon (if it is isn’t already) be unsafe to drink, just as the fish are now.
    Soon, it will be the chicken, beef, pork…..all the foods we relied on all our lives……none will be safe to eat.
    Who wants to live in such a hell? I sure don’t.
    The heat will get worse, the plants and trees will die…….
    I guess if people move underground, they have a chance, but, no thanks……..I’m not interested.
    I think intelligent people will suicide in great numbers, radioactive death is very painful. Maybe that is some of the reason people are buying guns, a bullet is much faster.
    I don’t see anything good coming out of this, I believe we are facing our own extinction. Seeing the lies put on US media this morning on ABC news, I realize they have no hope at all. They are lying because they have no solution.


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