RECOVERY: 623,000 Full Time Jobs Lost Last Month

623,000 Full Time Jobs Lost Last Month (ZeroHedge, Nov 8, 2013):

So much for the surge in 691,000 full-time jobs in September. One short month later, indicating just what a farce the BLS’s sampling process is, while the algo frenzy-inducing establishment survey showed a gain of 204,000 workers, the household survey had some other ideas. True, the headline household survey number rose by an almost identical 213,000 workers, however it is when trying to foot that number into the actual components, when one gets a headache. Because according to the same survey, a whopping 623,000 full-time workers (supposedly government) lost their jobs in October, nearly offsetting the entire 691,000 gain the month before which it turns out was purely for Obamacare (now hopelessly damaged) optics.Ok, so to add up to the headline number at least part-time jobs should have soared right? Wrong. Because according to the BLS another 127K part-time jobs were lost in the month, for a total of 750K full- and part-time losses. In other words, the BLS’ random number generator was working on overdrive once again.

Source: BLS

2 thoughts on “RECOVERY: 623,000 Full Time Jobs Lost Last Month”

  1. Anyone foolish enough to listen to US media will be fed lies. Full time jobs are a thing of the past, the corporate world government model has a different plan.
    Fukushima and climate change are going to throw a monkey wrench into everything, and the denial cannot last much longer. People can no longer eat fish, soon, if not already the case, chicken and beef will not be safe.
    The bastards have destroyed the ecosystem of this beautiful planet, and US media talks about profits.
    I saw an interesting article on They are legalizing witchcraft because there is so much money in it. A nation that builds only on greed will not make it….the world is changing radically in ways we have never experienced.
    What good is profit when there is no safe water to drink, or clean food? What good is profit when nothing comes of it? The world has gone mad.


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