SHOCKING Treatment Of U.S. Nuclear Whisteblowers

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Hanford whistleblower: ‘I was now the enemy’ (King 5 News, Nov 1, 2013):

Shocking Treatment of US Nuclear Whisteblowers: Sent to office in basement with rat poison after warning of Fukushima-like explosion — Another given office in storage room with drums of radioactive waste and asbestos soon after having chemotherapy (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 2, 2013):

KING 5 News, Nov. 1, 2013: Hanford whistleblower: ‘I was now the enemy’ […] [Dr. Walt] Tamosaitis determined that the mixers, as designed, would not be able to mix the waste sufficiently, posing a risk that heavy radioactive elements would collect at the bottom of the tanks and begin a nuclear chain reaction. The reaction, in turn, would generate large amounts of explosive hydrogen gas (a similar hydrogen build up at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan caused large explosions after the 2011 Tsunami damaged that facility). […] “The worst case scenario would be a criticality and trapping of hydrogen gas which could lead to a hydrogen explosion,” said Tamosaitis. […] URS moved Tamosaitis to another building where he was assigned to a makeshift office in the basement. He sat alone in a cramped space full of storage boxes, rat poison feeders and copy machines. He was not assigned any work and had no boss to report to. “The message was, ‘Don’t do what Walter did. Don’t raise issues. Shut up (and) do what we say,’” said Tamosaitis. […]  The Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board and the Government Accountability Office both issued reports highlighting Tamosaitis’ work. And in early 2012 Energy Secretary Steven Chu ordered a halt to WTP construction.

Top: Whistleblower Charles Varnadore; Bottom: Milton from the movie ‘Office Space’. Some may see similarities in the treatment of Milton and the whistleblowers. Watch clips of Milton from ‘Office Space’ here.

New York Times, Aug. 5, 2013: After Charles D. Varnadore complained about safety at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory […] his bosses moved him to an office containing radioactive waste. When an industrial hygienist recommended that either he or the waste be moved, he was put in a room contaminated with mercury [“visible mercury was in several places”]. […] His difficulties began in 1990, after he returned to work following colon cancer surgery. He found that his replacement had shortcomings in handling lab samples, and he pointed this out to his superiors […] he was given a storage room as an office […] The room contained bags and drums of radioactive waste, as well as bags of asbestos and chemical waste. […] “The only conclusion which can be drawn from this record is that they intentionally put him under stress with full knowledge that he was a cancer patient recovering from extensive surgery and lengthy chemotherapy,” the judge, Theodor P. Von Brand, wrote in his decision.  […] Judge Von Brand sent the matter to the labor secretary, Robert B. Reich [who] dismissed some of Mr. Varnadore’s charges on the ground that they had been filed too late, and he dismissed others because he did not believe that they had been proved conclusively. […]

Perhaps Mr. Tomaisitis would disagree with these statements in the New York Times article:

  • Mr. Varnadore’s complaints also led to stronger laws and practices governing employees who dare to blow the whistle on powerful employers
  • “No other whistle-blower will ever be treated that way again,” [said Varnadore’s lawyer]

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2 thoughts on “SHOCKING Treatment Of U.S. Nuclear Whisteblowers”

  1. They hunt them down and kill whistle blowers in this country, just as Hitler did in Germany. It breaks my heart, I am glad I won’t be here much longer…….I am horrified at what I see.
    Look at Bradley Manning and Ed Snowden……need anyone look any farther? This isn’t the country I grew up in……some very savage and ruthless people have taken over.

  2. If one goes to, or, there are several stories of cover up and misappropriation of resources. The Japanese shylocks are sending their debtors to Fukushima to work off their debts, they are sending in truck drivers, and many totally untrained or unskilled workers to handles the water, the hoses, all of the mess that is Fukushima. The fact these people are not trained or protected doesn’t seem to matter to the Japanese corporate rule.
    I am sure many have died from over exposure, and the Japanese government is doing what it does best, ignore and lie about it. The fact the world governments have allowed them to poison the entire planet without a word will likely lead to our extinction.
    I find myself wishing Truman had finished the job in 1945, this corporate culture shows no respect for human life. That is something I would never want for anyone, but the last couple of years of apathy has really angered me. Japan may well be the reason we become extinct. This is what I feel after 32 months of watching Japan/TEPCO doing nothing, refusing help from other countries. This is over the top.

    Sending pregnant women to Fukushima to live there rent free so they can sell the real estate…..what kind of government does things like this? A corporate one.

    Two years ago, they were offering free trips for 50,000 tourists to go to Japan….all they had to do in return was tell the world Japan was fine and wonderful. It was laughed about by DJs and talking heads in America….I didn’t find any humor in it, but I don’t appreciate corporate thinking.

    We are facing our own extinction, yet not one central news outlet besides this site, UK Guardian,,, NHK news, and occasionally Bloomberg will mention it.

    News sites are supposed to speak the truth, and get important information out to the people. This has been the best site in America, you tell it as you see it.

    More news is coming out lately because the situation is growing more serious….they finally reached out to the US for help. Why they didn’t accept Russia’s offer of help over a year ago is beyond me, Russia had a similar experience, and they shut it down in 3 weeks by pouring concrete over all of it, and sealing it away from people. To this day, nobody is allowed in the area. That is the difference between a government and a greedy corporation. The government puts the people first, not public relations.

    Japan is trying to move people back to Fukushima, regardless it has six nuclear sites, hundreds of thousands of these rods on site, and it is in meltdown in three of them as I write this.
    What kind of sub-human people do things like this? Corporations, that is who.
    Japan is the perfect example of why people must not allow corporations to run their countries. TEPCO controls 98% of Japan’s power grid, and that gives it too much power in government. Had they a smaller amount, and some good competition, the situation would have been handled very differently. When a corporation is given a monopoly, it runs amok, as TEPCO has……allowing monopolies has cost people their lives, and many more will follow.
    They have destroyed our food chain for all time. The damage they have wrought on our world deserves to be tried and punished in the World Court. Millions will die after suffering debilitating illnesses, many more will die of hunger thanks to Japan.
    There are many lessons to be learned from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, and the danger of corporate rule is one.
    Thanks for staying on the story.


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