CBC Headline: Radiation From Fukushima Arrives On Alaska Coast – University Scientists Concerned – ‘Is The Food Supply Safe?’

‘Is The Food Supply Safe?’

Is radiation safe? (And that really should be a rhetorical question.)

CBC Headline: Radiation from Fukushima arrives on Alaska coast — University scientists concerned — “Is the food supply safe?… I don’t think anyone can really answer that” (ENENews, Nov 3, 2013):

CBC News, Nov. 2, 2013: Radiation from Japan nuclear plant arrives on Alaska coast […] Scientists at the University of Alaska are concerned about radiation leaking from Japan’s damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, and the lack of a monitoring plan. Some radiation has arrived in northern Alaska and along the west coast. That’s raised concern over contamination of fish and wildlife. More may be heading toward coastal communities […]

John Kelley, professor emeritus at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks: “The data they will need is not only past data but current data, and if no one is sampling anything then we won’t really know it, will we? The general concern was, is the food supply safe? And I don’t think anyone can really answer that definitively.”

Douglas Dasher, researcher at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks: “The levels they are projecting in some of the models are in the ballpark of what they saw in the North Pacific in the 1960s.”

Recent reports have noted health problems in Alaskan wildlife, including seals, polar bears, walruses, whales, and sea stars.

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Prof. Yury Bandazhevsky: Over 50 Bq/Kg In Humans Leads To Irreversible Lesions In Vital Organs – CRIMINAL WHO And IAEA EXPOSED (Video)

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Are There Safe Levels of Radiation? How Much Radiation Is Safe? (Must-read!!!!!)

Radiation exposure is increased by a factor of a trillion. Inhaling even the tiniest particle, that’s the danger.

Yo: So making comparisons with X-rays and CT scans has no meaning. Because you can breathe in radioactive material.

Hirose: That’s right. When it enters your body, there’s no telling where it will go. The biggest danger is women, especially pregnant women, and little children. Now they’re talking about iodine and cesium, but that’s only part of it, they’re not using the proper detection instruments. What they call monitoring means only measuring the amount of radiation in the air. Their instruments don’t eat. What they measure has no connection with the amount of radioactive material.

Dr. Helen Caldicott (Co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility):

The Propaganda From The Government And The Nuclear Industry About Low-Level Radiation Is Absolute Rubbish:

You’ve bought the propaganda from the nuclear industry. They say it’s low-level radiation. That’s absolute rubbish. If you inhale a millionth of a gram of plutonium, the surrounding cells receive a very, very high dose. Most die within that area, because it’s an alpha emitter. The cells on the periphery remain viable. They mutate, and the regulatory genes are damaged. Years later, that person develops cancer. Now, that’s true for radioactive iodine, that goes to the thyroid; cesium-137, that goes to the brain and muscles; strontium-90 goes to bone, causing bone cancer and leukemia. It’s imperative that you understand internal emitters and radiation, and it’s not low level to the cells that are exposed. Radiobiology is imperative to understand these days.”

2 thoughts on “CBC Headline: Radiation From Fukushima Arrives On Alaska Coast – University Scientists Concerned – ‘Is The Food Supply Safe?’”

  1. No food or water is safe. I fear man will join the 98% of other species that have lived on this planet………that are now extinct. We invented things beyond our abilities to control them……and Fukushima is an excellent example. No other species is so stupid.
    The water and food is already affected. We cannot see radiation, and it is already in our soil, air, water and atmosphere. We are an empire in decline……and we are wiping out our own environment.
    Look at the pollution in China. We seem to ruin everything we touch………..
    The earth will do fine without us.

  2. In the days of Brezhnev, we in Europe were forever under a cloud of threatened nuclear war precipitated by Polish & East German dictatorial arms of the heavily eyebrowed Russian bear.
    Guidelines at the time pointed to the safest place from fallout being a boat on water, as the radioactive dust would be washed off by rain & sink to the bottom.
    Presumably, the current triple meltdown chain reaction and potential multiple mega dirty bomb will eventually result in contaminated dust particles slowly sinking to the sea bottom, and the bottom of the food chain, to be consumed by the bottom feeders.
    The resultant effect will hit the animals at the top of the chain eventually, but obviously in highly concentrated doses which will manifest itself in our face. It seems to already be doing this per the Oz Yachtsman’s reports.
    Logically then, if it continues uncontrolled, we shall see evidence in the Shrimp, Herring, Salmon runs, Whale migrations and of course the Kodiak Bears.
    Officially, we will never hear of it due to the MSM downplay, as with Geo-Engineering.
    We must assume silence never means good news any more, and we must therefore take whatever steps we can to not be affected if we really want to be left on this planet after our masters screw it up.
    I read that Alaskan Airways pilots flying the jetstream were starting to suffer radiation side effects.
    I’ve already started taking minimal Nascent Iodine daily, in preparation for a transatlantic flight. Obviously I haven’t a clue whether it is right or wrong….logic, fear and the knowledge we are being lied to about possibly the worst disaster to befall our world other than a planetary collision, push me to want to look after my own, but at the same time, if it is killing those who are trying to stop it, what hope is there?
    Like with the FIAT system and the world economy, it looks like a big change is on the way.


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