‘Fly With Your Own Wings’ … Freaky Psychedelic Obamacare TV Commercial (Video)

Lucy In The Sky With Obamacare (ZeroHedge, Nov 2, 2013):

Not even Paul and John would have any clue what the message is or what is going on in this psychedelic, Yellow Subamrine-inspired TV ad slot for Obamacare titled “Fly With Your Own Wings”, part of the Cover Oregon campaign (funded by US taxpayers). Perhaps: enroll in Obamacare, get a lifetime supply of LSD for free…

Freaky Psychedelic Obamacare Ad


Titled, “Fly With Your Own Wings”, this is a pro-Obamacare TV commercial run in Oregon by the Cover Oregon campaign. It is a feel-good spot, but is short on exactly what is being promoted, presumably the centralized government run health insurance exchange program. Obamacare is the controversial national health care law, dubbed the Affordable Care Act, which now has been postponed by President Obama for some groups or large companies.

However, this TV ad has met with controversy as well. Some reviewers have felt this was a copy of the Beatles Yellow Submarine movie. What do you think – rip-off or tribute? Do you think the guitar player in the ad looks like a young Paul McCartney?

The lyrics of the ad also have been criticized. What do you think? Here they are: “We fly with our own wings. Care about the same things.”

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