TV: ‘Japan’s Worst Nuclear Nightmare’ – Yale Prof.: Removing Fuel Rods From Fukushima Reactor No. 4 SFP ‘Has Me Very Scared’ – Tepco: ‘We Believe It’s Not Dangerous’

TV: “Japan’s worst nuclear nightmare” — Yale Professor: Removing fuel from Fukushima Unit 4 pool “has me very scared” — Tepco: “We believe it’s not dangerous” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Oct 30, 2013):

Mark Willacy, ABC News (Australia), Oct. 31, 2013: Hidden inside the twisted remains of the Fukushima reactor 4 building, and perched precariously 5 stories above the ground, is Japan’s worst nuclear nightmare. It’s a deep pool holding 1,300 used fuel assemblies […] Tepco is finally ready to start removing this 400 tons of highly radioactive fuel.

ABC’s Interview with Yale Professor Charles Perrow, author of recent article in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientist about Tepco’s upcoming attempt to remove fuel from the Unit 4 pool: “This has me very scared.” He warned that one slip-up with the removal of this highly radioactive fuel could trigger a chain reaction. “Tokyo would have to be evacuated because cesium, and other poisons that are there, will spread very rapidly. Even if the wind is blowing the other way, it’s going to be monumental.”

TEPCO’s Yoshimi Hitosugi: We believe it’s not dangerous.

Watch the ABC’s broadcast here

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