Anonymous Fukushima Workers: We Dumped Untested Water Last Typhoon – ‘Landmines’ Of Extremely High Radiation At Many Locations – ‘Site Full Of Yakuza & Rank Amateurs”

Anonymous Fukushima Workers: We dumped untested water last typhoon, could be criminal — ‘Landmines’ of extremely high radiation at many locations — Very worrying that I’m getting sick more now — “Site full of yakuza & rank amateurs” (ENENews, Oct 31, 2013):

Excerpts from an Oct. 22, 2013 report in Shukan Gendai with translation by EX-SKF:

Worker A, man in his 30s from Kanagawa Prefecture, volunteered to work at Fukushima I NPP right after the accident

The skilled workers […] work closer to the reactors, and they exceed the limit in one to two weeks.

Worker B, man in his 40s from Osaka Prefecture, commutes to the plant from his dorm in Iwaki City

I’m working with […] a former worker at a pub in Shinjuku, a life guard at a swimming pool, a cram school teacher, a truck driver. In other words, rank amateurs. There is no skilled worker. […]

The other day when a typhoon hit, heavy rain almost caused the water in the drain to overflow. […] We were accused of not measuring the radiation before we released, but there was a reason why we didn’t measure; depending on the result of the measurement it would have been a criminal act.

There are still many locations with extremely high radiation at Fukushima I Nuke Plant, like landmines. When we drive on the road on the mountain-side [west] of the reactor building, the radiation level rises rapidly. Particularly between Reactor 2 and Reactor 3. […]

[…] the hoses used to transfer contaminated water have been used since the start of the accident. They have deteriorated much — and leaking. Reactor buildings remain tattered. […] We still don’t know what is like inside the reactor at Unit 3. Radiation is too high, and not even a robot can enter.

[…] they can’t secure workers unless they rely on yakuza.

Worker C, man in his 20s from Tokyo, decided to change his job after being recruited on the street

Workers include people sent here by yakuzas for their debts and down and out yakuzas themselves. The site is full of yakuzas and rank amateurs…

Worker D, veteran worker from Fukushima, working at the plant since before the accident

The health care is progressively getting worse. […] now, there is no such care unless your radiation exposure is significantly high. As for myself, I catch cold more often these days. It may be partly because of overwork, but I am very worried.

[…] Contaminated water keep increasing, workers keep decreasing. […]

1 thought on “Anonymous Fukushima Workers: We Dumped Untested Water Last Typhoon – ‘Landmines’ Of Extremely High Radiation At Many Locations – ‘Site Full Of Yakuza & Rank Amateurs””

  1. There are too many “whys”. Why not change the hoses? What precautions are being taken in handling these toxic rods, the workers are not trained at all? Why isn’t their time working with the rods carefully monitored? Why have they waited so long to do anything about the problem? Why are there no doctors? Where are the radiation monitors?
    I thought the Japanese had sense. Their behavior in this disaster has shown them to be as mindless as our leaders. Profit first, profit second, third, then, perhaps some concern about the workers? Are they trying to destroy everyone in Japan? This convoluted, twisted behavior tells me nothing.
    When I look at the beautiful Pacific Ocean, I live but a few miles away, I feel enraged. All of that glory……..turning into a poison for anyone who goes near it. None of the birds I love, no fish, no life………it sounds like a Hell worse than anything Hollywood could envision.
    I don’t want to see it. The fact other nations sit by and let this go on horrifies me. If they are allowed to continue this madness, we might all die. Northern US and Canada is doomed, it is too late for us, must it be the same for everyone?
    98% of all species that ever lived on this planet are extinct. Must we join them?


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