Gov’t Officials: “All Of Japan” At Risk Of Food And Water Having Serious Contamination From Fukushima, Now And Into Future – Land Is Contaminated Out To 250 Km From Plant

Gov’t Officials: “All of Japan” at risk of food and water having serious contamination from Fukushima, now and into future — Land is contaminated out to 250 kilometers from plant (ENENews, Oct 12, 2013):

PSAM 2013 Topical Conference in Tokyo — In light of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Accident in Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Shunsuke Kondo, Chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission: “As for the off-site consequences, the land contamination due to the accident has spread to the locations at a distance of 250 km or so from the site in a south-east direction, in particular”

Japan’s Energy Policy after 3/11, Dr. Tatsujiro Suzuki, Vice-Chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission (At 1:20:30 in): “From now into the future — for all of Japan — food and water contamination could be serious. So the monitoring of food and water is very important in the future. […] it’s going to be internal exposure.”

Watch Suzuki’s presentation here

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