‘Staggering’ Radiation Levels In Fish From Pacific Ocean, Contamination Up Considerably, ‘It’s A Major Event Worldwide’ (Video)

Canada TV: New concerns about radiation levels in fish from Pacific — “These numbers are just staggering” — Contamination up considerably — “It’s a major event worldwide” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Oct 8, 2013):

Title: Report raises fresh concerns about radiation levels in Japanese fish
Source: CTV’s Canada AM
Date: Oct. 7, 2013

Report raises fresh concerns about radiation levels in Japanese fish

Two and a half years after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan, concerns are again being raised about radiation levels in fish caught in the Pacific Ocean. […]

Transcript Excerpts

At 0:30 in

Beverly Thompson, Host: These numbers are just staggering.

At 1:15 in

Gordon Edwards, Court-qualified nuclear expert and president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility: The average concentration in the fish, the average concentration of radioactive cesium has gone up considerably.

At 4:00 in

Edwards: Canadian authorities and the global authorities are really doing us all a disservice by not following and monitoring this much more closely. They’re treating this as though it’s kind of a ho-hum situation, but in fact, it’s a major event worldwide and it should be studies very carefully […]

Thompson: They are certainly staggering numbers.

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