Health Physicist In The U.S. Worried About Inhaling Hot Particles (Uranium, Plutonium, etc.) From Fukushima

Radio: Health physicist in U.S. worried about inhaling hot particle from Fukushima — Either uranium, plutonium, etc. (AUDIO) (ENENews, Oct 4, 2013):

Title: Chris Harris – Nuclear Update on Fukushima
Source: Nutrimedical Report
Date: Oct. 3, 2013

At 43:00 in

Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer: Let me relay just one more thought from my health physicist friend. Even here in the U.S., he’s worried about inhaling a hot particle; I’m just letting you know — and so am I. […]

Either uranium, plutonium, or something bad — remember they’re not even monitoring for strontium and uranium, so it’s very difficult to monitor what we’re getting and not getting. […]

This is real; we don’t want this to happen here. It’s upsetting other people too.

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