Capitol Hill Shooting: Family Criticises Police Deadly Force (Video)

Capitol hill shooting: family criticises police deadly force – video (Guardian, Oct 5, 2013):


The sisters of Miriam Carey say the family is ‘confused’ after the 34-year-old was shot dead by police near the White House. Carey, who was reportedly suffering from depression, was in the car with her one-year-old daughter when she tried to cross a barrier at Capitol Hill

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1 thought on “Capitol Hill Shooting: Family Criticises Police Deadly Force (Video)”

  1. Shooting and killing the mother of a one year old in front of the child is barbaric and cruel. There needs to be a public forum where the killer is questioned and examined in full. Doing such a dreadful thing in front of a baby child should put the clown in prison for the rest of his miserable life. Were it anyone but a clown cop, it would be life or death.
    This is unsupportable and unacceptable.
    Time for Americans to take their country back.
    This isn’t acceptable, regardless the fool congress cheered the killer. The congress should be fired, too. They are not doing their job, either.
    Americans need to find an alternative to filling positions between elections. Congress needs to be fired, and people put in until the next election…..they won’t work, so we don’t need to pay them.
    I am fed up with fools in power, and I am only one of millions.


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