Radioactive Contamination In Tokyo Suburb 3 Times Higher Than 1 Mile From Fukushima Daiichi

Study: Contamination in Tokyo suburb 3 times higher than area just 1 mile from Fukushima Daiichi — Nuclear Scientist: Significant contamination in Tokyo, a serious problem (AUDIO) (ENENews, Sep 23, 2013)

3 thoughts on “Radioactive Contamination In Tokyo Suburb 3 Times Higher Than 1 Mile From Fukushima Daiichi”

  1. I think I read here that they have been taking the waste from Fukushima to Tokyo, and burning it in conventional burn places, regardless an ordinary fire isn’t enough to destroy radioactive matter. Under those circumstances it would make sense.
    Does anyone out there have any other ideas?
    Thanks for all you do on this story. Why the world government are burying this ongoing disaster is incomprehensible to me.

  2. NHK was the original source for the story metioned by Marilyn, I think. But the link to the news is no longer accessible, maybe only for subscribers.

    My wife is currently in shenyang (china) and I’m really worried. She is sheduled to come back to germany by 01. Dez 13, I hope by then nothing serious happens.

    By the looks of it, if Reactor-Building 4 falls, or the melted cores of 1-3 react with groundwater, which is a possibility, I think even in germany nobody will be safe.

    I wish I would believe in god, at least than I would have someone I could direct my prayers to…


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