American Dependency: A Food Stamp Micro-Documentary

American Dependency: A Food Stamp Micro-Doc (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Sep 22, 2013):

My friend Dan at Future Money Trends has just put together a fantastic micro-documentary on the rise of our food stamp nation and the far reaching consequences to society. From the art of selling excess food stamp dollars at the end of each month, to JP Morgan profiting from the program as a line of business, this video covers it all. I’ve written about food stamps on several occasions, and have highlighted how they are merely a way to boost corporate profits at the taxpayers expense. More corporate welfare and crony capitalism. My three most popular articles on food stamps are below:

McDonald’s Math: You Can’t Survive Working for Us

Where Food Stamps Go to Die

AMAZING. The USDA Has Partnered with the Mexican Government to Encourage Food Stamp Participation

Now check out the video.


1 thought on “American Dependency: A Food Stamp Micro-Documentary”

  1. In Britain we have had a growing culture of State Dependance since the Labour Party of the 1960’s introduced the social safety net.
    Today, it is endemic, having morphed into a skiving culture compounded by the last Labour Govt which it admitted has actively encouraged immigration at unsustainable levels, to boost its reliance based support.
    Here, we hide the soup kitchens and homeless, but they expand, and with the ‘economic growth’ we are all enjoying…ha bloody ha, the dependance on handouts is paramount….but the mass media hide it.
    The EU is a mess, and we must kill it.


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