Japan Meteorological Research Institute: Contaminated Seawater To Reach East Coast Of Australia And Indonesia

Japan Meteorological Research Institute “Contaminated seawater reaches the east coast of Australia and Indonesia” (Fukushima Diary, Sep 20, 2013):

In this session of IAEA, researcher Aoyama from Japan Meteorological Research Institute reported Cesium-137 discharged from Fukushima nuclear plant travels to the east in the Pacific. Then it comes back to the offshore of Philippines and Indonesia.After it moves to the east in the Pacific again around the equator, it comes down to Tasman sea. The contaminated water current is estimated to come to the east coast of Australia and Papua New Guinea in 0~200m depth of the sea.

This simulation is based on the the pathway of weapons tests deprived Cs-137 in the North Pacific ocean.




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