Does the NSA Violate Your Constitutional Rights?


YouTube Added: 17.09.2013


Does the NSA violate your constitutional rights? Do you think the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits warrants without probable cause and limits them to specific places, times, and people, is important today? Prof. James Otteson suggests that this protection is incredibly important. Without this limitation on warrants, officials could look for wrongdoing at will. Where there are witch hunts, witches will be found, and officials with unlimited authority to seek out wrong doing are going to find it. Protections such as the Fourth Amendment are especially important for people who make choices that don’t fit with mainstream thinking. People who choose to pursue happiness in unconventional ways or ways that differ from the majority should be free to do those things. These freedoms enable Americans to find their own paths to happiness as free and equal citizens. What value do you place on your constitutional rights in the United States?

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