Republican Offers To Vote For Syrian Strikes If Obama Returns Nobel Peace Prize

Republican Offers To Vote For Syrian Strikes If Obama Returns Nobel Peace Prize (ZeroHedge, Sep 10, 2013):

According to the latest whip count on Syria attack proposal in the House, 237 reps oppose a such a strike and 169 are undecided with just 27 are for. While this number guarantees that no vote will ever come to pass, and humiliate Obama, who if anything will revoke the punt to Congress from September 1 and unilaterally engage in strikes to appease assorted Saudi/Qatari interests, all that would take for the 27 Yay votes to become 28, would be for Obama to return the Nobel Peace Prize.

According to The Hill, a Republican lawmaker said he’ll vote to authorize military action against Syria if President Obama returns his Nobel Peace Prize. The line between reality and an alternative Onionesque universe is thin, but this is not a joke:

Freshman Tea Party Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) suggested the swap in a press statement Tuesday ahead of the president’s primetime address to sell strikes to a skeptical public. Stockman said Obama must answer 11 questions to gain his support — including whether the president is willing to return his 2009 prize.

Asked if Obama would have to answer “yes” to get Stockman’s support, spokesman Donny Ferguson answered “indeed.”

“I have been working in the Middle East this month meeting with regional leaders and have intentionally held back my skepticism because I would like to offer President Obama a deal,” Stockman said. “I am prepared to vote in favor of Obama’s folly if he can fully and truthfully answer eleven questions about the Syria operation and his bungling of it.”

The other questions mostly touch on the potential consequences of a U.S. strike and reflect the deep skepticism in Congress.

Sadly, with capital markets long since having become a Schrodingerian figment of Bernanke’s centrally-planned imagination, it was only a matter of time before the US political system evolved from what some call fascism to a far more accurately defined, farcism.

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  1. Beyond stupid. The Republicans have just verified to the world they are as much fools as the rest of our mindless, corporate stooge leaders. What a bunch of losers!


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