US: Ready To Strike Syria If Obama Gives Order – Officials: Military Strikes On Syria ‘As Early As Thursday – US Mass Military Movement (Picture)

Putin cannot afford to sell out Syria and to lose …

… the last ally in the Middle East besides Iran,

… the last operational seaport in the Mediterranian,

… all credibility in and outside Russia,

… or can he?

The picture shows a HUGE number of military vehicles being transported towards New Orleans and was just taken by our reader today, August 26th, 2013. (Source)

US: Ready to strike Syria if Obama gives order (, Aug 27, 2013)

Military strikes on Syria ‘as early as Thursday,’ US officials say (NBC News, Aug 27, 2013)

Biden: “No doubt” Assad responsible for Syria chemical weapons attack (CBS News, Aug 27, 2013)

US readies intelligence, legal justification for possible military strike against Syria (, Aug 27, 2013)

US plans for missile strikes against Syria as questions swirl about the endgame (, Aug 27, 2013)

Western attack to punish Syria likely to begin with barrage of more than 100 missiles in 48 hour blitz (Telegraph, Aug 27, 2013)

France ‘ready to punish’ perpetrators of Syria attack (BBC News, Aug 27, 2013)

Take a close look at this (deleted) article:

U.S. ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime’ (Daily Mail, Jan 29, 2013)

Projected consequences of WW3 & more (FYI):

1 thought on “US: Ready To Strike Syria If Obama Gives Order – Officials: Military Strikes On Syria ‘As Early As Thursday – US Mass Military Movement (Picture)”

  1. China, Russia and Iran have been keeping Syria afloat during the past two years of their civil war. I fear this is a beginning proxy war with all three. If they don’t stop the US in Syria, the next step is to attack Iran. Iran is very rich thanks to the Iraq war, and a very valuable trading partner for Russia and China (along with much of the world), and they are not going to let US corporatists grab Iranian assets, too. I fear this is the door to WW3.

    I am sure they are weighing the best steps to stop the US from more invasions into the Middle East. We have no right to be there, and it is time to bring our people home. Just as the allied forces did with Germany in WW2, the costs finally overcame our reluctance to enter a world war.

    The US is now seen as a rogue nation, just as the world saw Germany in 1940. Our leaders no longer follow the rule of law, and the world has been moving away from us since it became apparent we would do nothing to fix any of the problems that caused the worst crash since 1929 or change the cowboy actions of Bush when it came to attacking nations who have not attacked us.

    When Obama entered office, millions hoped he would restore the US credibility and good name. He could have done so much, never in my life, has a man come to power with such a great global mandate. Instead, he continued the policies of the bush administration, hitting people at will with drones in many Middle East nations, people who had done nothing to the US to cause it. The US cannot continue to attack other countries at will, eventually, they will respond in kind.

    Right now in CA, we have a fire raging that may destroy the water supply for the San Francisco bay area. We used to have National Guard to help fight these fires, now they are guarding stolen oil wells in the middle east. Is that more important than the water supply for millions?

    The people who control the puppets in Washington have a very dark agenda. The US has been running amok for the past 12+ years, breaking all international laws of war. Going around the world blowing up people and villages is beginning to bear some very bitter fruit. The world is fed up, not just the American people who are war weary.

    The American people have voted for moderation, peace and mindful leadership, they hoped to get that with Obama. We are broke, we have no good jobs, our schools, roads, bridges and cities are crumbling, yet they continue these wars that have nothing to do with us.

    We need to find alternative sources of energy, bring our people home, and leave the Middle East alone. The mention of our name must fill them with terror…..this needs to stop.

    Something has to stop this. I don’t know what it will be, I sure hope we don’t end up in war with Russia and China, but it is beginning to look that way. At some point, the whole world is going to say they have had enough of American bullying. The need to stop the US will override all considerations of cost…….then God help us.


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