White House Criticizes Egypt’s Arrest Of Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mo Badie

White House Criticizes Egypt’s Arrest Of Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mo Badie (ZeroHedge, Aug 20, 2013):

And now for some early afternoon humor. It turns out the US is unhappy with the non-coupy military leaders in Egypt for arresting the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood (whose name is Mo Badie) because, according to White House spokesman John Earnest, the action “does not reflect Egypt’s commitment to an inclusive political process.” Maybe the US really does believe there was no coup in Egypt, and that the current military leaders actually do care about an inclusive political process. Otherwise, this statement is about as profound as the UK government busting up the Guardian’s hard disks in hopes of destroying Snowden evidence.

From AFP:

The United States on Tuesday criticized the arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie in Egypt.

The White House said the move ran contrary to the military’s commitments to foster an “inclusive political process.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the arrest was the “latest in a series of actions that the Egyptian government has taken that does not reflect their commitment to an inclusive political process.”

“It certainly is an act that is contrary to a legal system that is insulated from politics,” he said.

Badie, who was arrested earlier on Tuesday, is to be held for 15 days on allegations of having incited the murder of protesters, Egyptian state television reported.

But what if Badie had blown the whistle on the domestic espionage service first, which as it happens, was recording all domestic phone calls and was violating the local population’s privacy and civil rights?

Would that have made his arrest more palatable to the White House?

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