AND NOW: Shinzo Abe Sanctions Government Funding To ‘Freeze’ Fukushima With Giant Ice Wall

You can’t make this stuff up!

Abe Sanctions Government Funding To “Freeze” Fukushima With Giant Ice Wall (ZeroHedge, Aug 7, 2013):

Ripped from the pages of Marvel Comics, Japanese Anime, or Game of Thrones; the latest cunning solution to what the Japanese admit is an ongoing emergency in Fukushima is, well, creative… Now that TEPCO has been shown to be inept, Abe and his government have sanctioned the funding of a 1.4km wall of ice to surround the building that holds Reactors 1 to 4. No this is not Pacific Rim; as Kyodo reports, chemical refrigerants will keep the underground wall frozen to stop the 400 tons of ground water being pumped into the reactors to cool them from leaking further into the sea water surrounding the catastrophe. This must be a positive for GDP, if ‘broken windows’ can help the Keynesians (and digging and refilling holes) then why not build a giant ice wall that will require unending energy to refrigerate what is a constantly melting-down core of nuclear awfulness. We wish them luck.

Via Spiegel (via Google Translate),

leaked an estimated 300 tons of water per day from the damaged nuclear plant into the ocean, said a representative of the Ministry of Industry on Wednesday

The countermeasures of the operating company Tepco are obviously insufficient . The energy company has “dry walls” claims to be injected into the soil, which should be there to harden a lock. However, as the company announced on Tuesday , the water flows around the wall into the sea.

To further penetration of water into the damaged nuclear plant to prevent, is now an underground wall to be built from the ground is frozen to the reactor building, the Japanese news agency Kyodo reported on. To this end pipes with chemical refrigerants to promote the building of reactors 1 to 4 are laid in the ground. The thus created barrier was expected to have a length of 1.4 kilometers.

Thanks to the already heavily burdened financially operator TEPCO Group the necessary funding will not be able to apply for the state to step in as a government spokesman said on Wednesday. The construction of a protective wall of such proportions was unprecedented in the world. In order to build such a thing, the state must help the spokesman was quoted as saying.

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