BBC News Video On Massive Fukushima Radioactive Water Leak ‘Emergency’ (A MUST-SEE!)

Fukushima radioactive water leak an ’emergency’ (BBC News, Aug 6, 2013):

From the video:

“Fukushima plant sits smack in the middle of an underground aquifer.”

“At least 400 tons of new water pours into the site every day. It’s going to continue for years and years.”

“Fukushima’s water crisis has only just begun.”

1 thought on “BBC News Video On Massive Fukushima Radioactive Water Leak ‘Emergency’ (A MUST-SEE!)”

  1. This has been going on for 30 months, main stream media has done a complete blackout on the story. I guess it is getting bad enough that some disclosure is becoming necessary. They have destroyed the food chain, water, soil and crop quality………nobody knows how much radiation is coming out of this man made radioactive volcano, but we know it is a lot. Plutonium was found here in CA less than 8 weeks after the explosion happened in March of 2011. It was also found in our milk because dairy cows eat grass, and all this invisible poison is on everything.
    This site nearly single-handedly carried the story. Individuals with radiation monitors started sending their data results here to Infinite Unknown because the governments shut down the radiation monitors in less than two months after the explosion. Were it not for the people and the information given here, I would not have been able to advise people what to do when it rained.
    I was living in a coastal rain forest in Northern CA when the disaster happened. Forests, trees absorb much larger quantities of radiation than cities. Thanks to this site, I was able to advise people with dogs to wash their feet after being outside, wear outdoor shoes, do not take them into the house……all sorts of practical, common sense things to do that government was not providing because it was denying the whole story. Beware a metallic taste in your mouth.
    By the time I moved away from the forest closer into town, the pine trees were showing colors of grey that I had never seen in the 12 plus years I lived there. I read that the nuclear disaster in Russia had the same effect on pine trees, they are more susceptible than other trees.
    I have wondered how long the head in the sand approach would last………
    Thanks for staying on this important story.


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