RT, July 2013: Fukushima Radiation Levels As High As 2011

And nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.

Fukushima radiation levels as high as 2011 (RT, July 27, 2013):

Water samples taken at an underground passage below the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant contain alarming levels of radiation which are comparable to those taken immediately after the catastrophe.

According to a Saturday statement by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the tested water contains 2.35 billion becquerels of cesium per liter, and the radioactive water is now seeping into the sea. The findings were also evident from samples taken within a 50-meter radius around the plant.

TEPCO’s specialists have hit a wall trying to solve the problem of the leaking groundwater, which has persisted since 2011. However, unlike then, they cannot tell what the source of the newfound radioactivity is. The current explanation is that the radioactive water that had been left in the underground trench some two years ago is now mixing with the groundwater, which is in turn contaminating the sea.

The current investigation started back in May, when specialists registered a 17-fold hike in radiation levels compared to December 2012. More tests immediately followed.

In July, scientists found high tritium levels – 20 per cent higher than just two months before. At the beginning of the month, cesium levels also went up by an astonishing 22 per cent from the previous day. The legal limit of 90 becquerels per liter was exceeded by around 22,000 becquerels.

On July 10, scientists warned about possible sea contamination, although they had no evidence at the time.

On Monday, however, TEPCO discovered that radiation levels were rising and falling together with the tide. This has led them to their latest theory – that the leftover trench water from 2011 is indeed mixing with the underground water that flows straight into the Pacific.

The only theoretical solution at this point is to build a wall of liquid glass between the nuclear reactors and the sea, siphoning off contaminated water from the underground trench.

Steam has also been seen emerging from one of the damaged reactors on three occasions, sparking further fears about the state of the wrecked plant.

Meanwhile, TEPCO has had to sustain bad publicity after it was revealed that it delayed publishing the summer study which sparked these newfound fears – which were realized just days after TEPCO reassured the public that the water was safely enclosed. The government has labeled the company’s behavior as “deplorable.”

5 thoughts on “RT, July 2013: Fukushima Radiation Levels As High As 2011”

  1. The reason people don’t seem to notice or care is because the story has been blacked out all over the world. People cannot get concerned when they are told nothing. People like us, who know and want to find out more information find it difficult to find.
    This site has been outstanding on this story. Everyone else seems to have been told to shut up. Even Arnie Gunderson has played it down……..it is appalling. This isn’t a political issue, it is one of survival, and it won’t go away by ignoring it.
    The world is going insane. There is a school of thought that says the idea the people could rule their nations was insane, and that since the French Commune of 1795, the world started losing its reason. Two hundred and twenty years later, I think they were right. The people cannot rule because they are too easily led. Look at the mess we are in. We have no way out, they have no technology to fix it.
    This might be part of our own extinction.

  2. Were it not for this site, sometimes Rt.com, occasionally Bloomberg will touch on it…….there is no information available for the American citizen.
    Thank you so much for your bravery in sticking to the truth in the growing repression in this nation. I am sure it can be worrisome at times.
    Look at what they have done to Ed Snowden. I cannot help but wonder how many other people have had visitors from the government for speaking the truth.
    It happened to the history department of a small university near me when Bush was still president. Teachers were rightfully speaking out against the illegal wars. The Men in Black showed up and told them to shut up.
    They did. We live in very scary times. This president has not been any better. Civil rights are a thing of the past. What concerns me is how few people realize their rights are gone………


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