Ron Paul On Gold And Why ‘We’ll See More Detroits’ (CNBC Video)

Ron Paul On Gold And Why “We’ll See More Detroits” (ZeroHedge, July 25, 2013):

In a brief but perfectly succinct interview on CNBC yesterday, Ron Paul shared his opinion on the need to own gold (and the physical demand for the manipulated metal) and the Detroit bankruptcy (“we’re going to see more Detroits”). He concludes that “long term, you can expect governments not to change” and that they’ll keep taking on more debt and printing more money until people lose confidence in both the U.S. dollar and the U.S. military, both of which will be shake the foundation of a fiat/dollar system.

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  1. In the last three years, we have seen 23 of such bankruptcies, including Detroit. Since 1950, this is one third of all metro bankruptcies.
    Of course there will be more bankruptcies of cities. It is a way to get rid of elected officials, and replace them with corporate bean counters. They move in, sell off all the city treasures for pennies on the dollar to enrich their Greedy Gut corporate sponsors, grab anything of value before leaving the city broken and ruined with nothing to rebuild on.
    Their so-called reorganization is similar to a mafia bust-out. They descend on the cities like locusts, eating everything along the way. All the cities are left are crumbs.
    It is downright criminal, part of the corporate takeover of America, and the entire western world.


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